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Automotive Journalists - Why Buy a Honda Civic?

One shining example of the quality and superiority of Japan s fine workmanship is Honda. This popular auto manufacturing company was established in 1948 at the first factory located in Hamamatsu, Japan. Its main headquarters now live in Minato, Tokyo. Honda has been making high quality, reliable, and fuel efficient automobiles for over 60 years now.

In spite of being established in Japan, Honda has expanded its operations all over the world. One example of this would be their partnership with the Japanese Government in the production of Honda Prius, one of the most popular hybrid vehicles today. The company has also been successful in establishing various branches and outlets all over the United States.

When it comes to Honda's history, it is quite interesting to note that it was founded by two people. One is Takeo Tomioka, who is a Japanese-American. The other taichi Honda, who is Japanese. They started the first automotive manufacturing company together and later on, the company was changed into a manufacturer of motor scooters. Their success story then is truly remarkable and is the reason why millions of people admire this Japanese car company.

Nowadays, Honda is a global manufacturing giant. It crafts millions of great Honda vehicles such as the Asimo, Celica, CRX, and the FCX. Among the top versions of these vehicles are the Honda Asimo (sport utility vehicle), Honda Celica (sports utility vehicle), and Honda CRX (Courier sport utility vehicle). All these models were first launched in North America by Honda. These vehicles are so strong and durable that they can traverse any terrain and even take up solid tires for more speed and performance.

Earlier, Honda used to design its own fuel cell. However, as the company kept on gaining success in its niche, it decided to build its own hydrogen fuel cell that could power both the Honda Civic and CRX. The Honda Civic has been made possible by the use of Honda's innovative fuel cell technology. This Honda Civic HFC model features the Honda Civic's styling and body parts with advanced technology and sophistication.

Honda has also been in the automobile industry for more than 40 years. So, if you have already bought your dream car, then you should buy the Honda Civic. Many automotive journalists have praised the Honda Civic for its fuel efficiency and sleek design. No wonder why many people have chosen to buy a Honda Civic over other brands in the North American car industry.