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What You Need To Know Before Eating A Banana

For centuries, the banana has been known as the healthy food that can help you in several ways. Banana is not only delicious and nutritious but also helps in losing weight. Let us discover some of the best things that banana does for female health:


Banana is very high in potassium and is good for regulating your salt levels. Banana is also a good source of fiber, which is essential for increasing the bowel movement which results in regular blood circulation. Bananas are loaded with folate and B-vitamin and are good for the hair. Simply blend a ripe banana with some honey and milk and apply that blend on your scalp, let it stay for 20 minutes to dry and rinse your hair with water. The effect will amaze you.

Banana is also a rich source of vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and potassium which are essential for cell division. Banana contains almost 75% of vitamin A, which is essential for increasing production of collagen and elastin. Vitamin C gives color and helps in wound healing, while potassium is an important mineral that is needed for the human body to function properly. If we take a look into the free radical destruction effects of bananas, it can be said that they can fight against free radicals which are produced due to exposure to the sun or air pollution and increase life span of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Vitamin B6 is another good source of vitamin c and women can increase her energy by eating plenty of bananas. However, some research shows that intake of vitamin b6 can reduce the bone density in women after menopause. This seems strange but it is true. Another vitamin, which is included in banana is vitamin B complex which protects the immune system and can boost the functioning of the digestive system.

One thing you must know before eating bananas is to avoid its skin which is mostly eaten after preparing the fruit in banana. Banana skin contains lots of fats which will make us fat and risk our health in return. Instead of eating its skin, you can eat the whole fruit. Moreover, instead of eating plantain which is a root of banana plantain, you can opt for eating the peeled leaves of the plantain as eating the plantain itself will give you better results.

Banana is so popular today especially in South America where it is a major staple food. In addition to that, you may get to enjoy its exotic flavors when you try eating its other variants too. The most popular banana variety is the blue variety. The white and yellow bananas may be little less popular as compared to the other bananas. So, if you are planning to try banana curd, do check out this delicious fruit's other variants as well as its Cavendish banana which are rich in potassium and manganese, arabica banana which has minerals and trace amounts of iron and the milk banana which is said to have more fiber.