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Benefits of Bitter Gourd For Diabetes Patients

Bitter Gourd is similar to a dandelion and is very beneficial to health. They are widely used in many continents such as Asia, South America, Africa, and Latin America to help regulate blood glucose levels and keep a healthy digestive system. In addition, the Chinese also used this vegetable as part of their regular diet to cleanse their system. The American Indians used bitter gourd to cure stomach ulcers, indigestion, and flatulence. They were also using this vegetable to help treat skin diseases. The Greeks used it to relieve congestion of the lung and as a diuretic.

The American Indians were not the only ones who used bitter gourd as a medicinal plant. Other civilizations such as the Aztecs of Central Mexico used bitter gourd as a powerful healer and as a food source as well. The bitter gourd is so strong that it has the ability to lower blood sugar levels even when the food is not eaten. It provides a very delicious flavor and an excellent source of dietary fiber.

One would be silly to consume bitter gourd if they wanted to remain slim and fit. This vegetable is very high in calories but at the same time it is very filling and nutritious and many people can consume it without feeling hungry. In fact, this vegetable is so powerful in its natural healing abilities that it can prevent cancer, fight free radicals, cleanse the colon, and increase energy levels.

To prepare for a dish with this vegetable you will need to take a hundred grams of karela (Indian gourd) and wrap it in coconut leaves. This preparation can be kept for several hours or overnight and then consumed with meals. To make it mild for consumption, add a pinch of salt. The use of coconut oil in the preparation of the area ensures that you get the rich flavor of the bitter gourd along with its excellent nutritional value.

The consuming area also increases the health of your gall bladder and liver because it increases bile flow to the liver thereby increasing its functionality. Bitter gourd also contains antioxidants, which help fight numerous diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, inflammation and infections. These antioxidants are very useful in fighting infections and slowing down the growth of any harmful bacteria that cause illnesses. Increasing liver and gall bladder function ensures good digestion and glowing skin.

Consuming karela prevents hyperglycemia, which is a precursor of diabetes. It also helps regulate blood glucose levels and keeps sugar levels stable which is very useful for people affected by diabetes. When you consume it regularly, its beneficial effects on your insulin and glucose levels in the blood become more prominent. Insulin resistance or lack of insulin production due to obesity, heart disease, aging, diabetes and a sedentary lifestyle can bring about an imbalanced metabolism. This eventually leads to the body's inability to absorb glucose properly.

The numerous benefits associated with this vegetable highlight its nutritional value. It offers multiple benefits, especially when consumed as juices. Adding bitter gourd to salads, juices, vegetable dishes and pickles and relishes is ideal to improve the taste and nutrient content of the food. As it has a high water solubility, it is able to penetrate into the bloodstream quickly, providing quick and healthy relief to diabetes patients. Diabetics especially benefit immensely from its high fiber content which keeps the stools soft and moist, thus preventing constipation.

Regular consumption of bitter gourd also helps maintain a good blood sugar level, which is critical to diabetics. It promotes the use of insulin, which reduces the amount of glucose in the blood and helps stabilize the sugar level after a meal. As it is rich in beta-carotene and other nutrients, it helps fight cancer. It also has rich anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which help protect the body from chronic diseases. Thus it serves as an excellent natural remedy to diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, kidney diseases, cancer and several other illnesses.