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A Look At Chevrolet Volt Changes


Chevrolet is known to be a premium luxury brand. For every model year, it improves its products and cements its position as the ultimate car for drivers who demand excellence. This brand consistently produces top-notch vehicles that are always a step ahead of its competitors. Most recently, it has introduced its new flagship vehicle - the Chevrolet Equine, which will be available on sale in U.S. beginning this month. The vehicle, which is designed for young adults and teenagers, is the latest in Chevrolet's long-term hatchback endeavors.

Chevrolet's second vehicle in its current Gen II segment - the Chevrolet Equine, incorporates all the features of the larger sedan, with the only difference being its long-wheelbase and rear seat space. New for this redesign, the sporty, Track Selection Cabriolet is also coming with a selection of two diesel engines: a 1.3-liter direct-injected gas engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission and a 2.3-liter V-8 with twin-turbochargers. New for this redesign is the availability of an extended CNG gas tank, offering up to five miles of driving range. All these features have been designed in keeping with the same high standards set by GM in its Chevrolet line of vehicles. New for this sporty hatchback is a host of benefits, such as front and rear-seat room, a larger gasoline tank, better fuel economy, and better handling.

Designed with a modern, aggressive, yet stylish design, the Chevrolet Equine incorporates the first-class features of its sibling, the Chevrolet Volt. The third-row vehicle in the Chevrolet lineup now gets a host of innovations. Its new fifth-row, or fifth-floor, Sport Therapy trim features a full-length passenger bench, new front and rear seats that provide passengers a larger view of the road, a lower ride, larger capacity cargo area, new optional third-row Sport Traction, and front and rear airbags.

Now, one more new feature for the Chevrolet Equine is the addition of a new battery pack and powertrain system. The new Chevrolet Volt offers standard on-board charging with the long-lasting 12-volt Power Steering System. In keeping with the commitment to quality that has been previously made with its products, the Chevy Volt offers a standard Electronic Brake-force Distribution system, front side airbags, and dual-zone window air conditioning. For those who are looking for luxury, the Chevrolet Equine's standard front passenger climate control allows you to adjust the front airbag to provide a suitable temperature for you and your passengers during your ride. In addition, for models year 2021 or later, front side airbags will include front seat side airbags, as well.

One more feature for the Chevy Volt is built into the vehicle; it is called GMACMS (Gas Guzzler Assistive System). This new system allows drivers with diesel-powered vehicles to improve their fuel economy by reducing the time required to refuel their vehicles. It also helps save gas at the pump by running the engine when the vehicle's owner is not using it. If you have a diesel-powered vehicle, but would like to improve your gas mileage, consider installing this technology into your car. With GMACMS, your fuel consumption will be optimized and your trips will go further and faster than ever before.

One more important change in the Chevy Volt is the all-new battery and charging system. The battery is now manufactured to match the size of the Chevy Volt. This means more power, and less weight for an increase in range. Also, in keeping with the future of automotive technology, all Chevrolet Volts comes with two key features: built-in reverse emergency braking and front seat side airbags. These features help protect the passengers in case of an accident and reduce the chance of serious injury or fatality in the event of an accident.