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Fun Facts About Chocolate?

     Fun Facts About Chocolate?

 Chocolate has a long history of human beings. It has been used in medicine and in food for thousands of years. Its consumption as a medicine is not new; it was consumed by the ancient Egyptians as a medicine and also by the Greeks and the Romans. One of the earliest recipes for chocolate was found in a Jewish book, the Talmud. This book tells us that in the seventh century CE when Christianity began, a king ordered that all Jews must eat unleavened bread made with honey, which was unleavened even though this was prohibited by law at that time. This is the first evidence of chocolate consumption as medicine in Jewish history.

Fun Fact #2: The first chocolate was created by the ancient Mayans. They used beans from the cocoa tree to make chocolate, which was then given to the Aztecs of South America as gifts. This chocolate was considered sacred to the Aztecs and it was also used to create the first tattoos on their dead warriors. When Columbus discovered this continent, he too gave this valuable gift to the Spanish people. It is said that Columbus was so taken by this chocolate that he gave it to the Spanish government as a gift, but only after his return from the voyage of discovery.

Fun Fact #3: White chocolate was created from a variety of berries, the best known of which is the Cacao Tree, native to Central America and the Caribbean. In recent years, other trees, mainly from South America, have been added to this group of plants. These include the Brazilian cacao, which is used extensively in chocolate, and the African-Caribbean again, the source of today's chocolate-coated pills. All these trees produce a product that is highly refined and has a higher antioxidant content than any other product, including milk chocolate.

Another fun fact about chocolate, this one deals with its source. The Aztecs of Central America were the first to use this special kind of food for their recipes. Aztec women would dip their fingers in hot water and then shake off the excess water, leaving behind what was later called chocolate. The Aztecs claimed that this was their creation; others say that it was the result of the sun warming the seeds of the cacao bean and the boiling of the resulting liquid. Either way, this food was eaten by the Aztecs with great pleasure, especially by women who were in the longest position among them.

A further fun fact about chocolate relates to its manufacture. The cacao beans are grown in the tropical rain forests of South America. Chocolate beans are cultivated throughout the year, although the production peak occurs during the months of January and February, when the temperature is warmest and the humidity greatest.

As to the chemical composition of chocolate, it is mostly CTSCAA (Cacao Transforming Toxin Amino Acids) that makes the product interesting to look at. The CTSCA makes up about seventy percent of the chocolate that is produced. The rest of it is made up of different elements that give chocolate its distinctive smell and flavor. There are also other chemicals that make up a much smaller percentage. These chemicals include things like vegetable oil and vanilla, which give chocolate its odor.

Most chocolate drinks that are sold are actually a mixture of cacao beans and sugar water or cocoa butter. The way the chocolate is mixed can affect the quality of the end product, but it is usually a good mix. After all, most people do not drink a chocolate drink that tastes terrible. Many people enjoy hot chocolate drinks on a daily basis, which explains the huge demand for hot chocolate in the US. Hot chocolate is so popular that it is often carried in groceries as a packaged item, rather than a treat for an individual cup of tea or milk.

If you are interested in learning more about the cacao bean, you can find websites and books about the fascinating history of this remarkable crop. Some interesting facts about chocolate include how the cacao bean was discovered, how it is picked, and how it is prepared for use in chocolate beverages. Chocolate can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, and with almost any lifestyle. Chocolate and food go hand-in-hand for many people. If you have never had a chocolate beverage, you should really give it a try sometime.