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Delicious Fig Fruits - Who Knew?

 Ficus carica is native Asian species of climbing plant in the berry family, known simply as the common fig tree. It's the main source of the popular fig fruit and as such is a vital crop in regions where it's grown commercially as well as for personal use. The fig tree has many varieties but there are two main types: the commercial tree or bush variety and the home garden fig variety. This article will talk about the commercial or berry tree variety. The home garden variety is a smaller replica of the commercial tree or bush variety and is typically used for eating or freezing off.

The fig is one of the best and most nourishing fruits in the world. There are many uses for this sweet, tasty treat from the tarts, cakes, and bread prepared across the world to the delicious juices, jellies, and smoothies that can be made from it. Common fig is eaten as a dessert after a meal or as a health food because it contains a considerable amount of high-quality carbohydrates. The fig is a good source of protein and vitamins but should be eaten as little as possible or its nutrients will be depleted.

The Latin name for this tasty fruit is Syconium which comes from the Greek words meaning leaf and root. Fig plants usually grow in groups of flowers called flora and the fig fruit itself is comprised of several small fruits that are not concentrated in the center of the flower. On the outer surface of the large round, the fruit is the edible black seeds which are very nutritious. The fig fruit comes in various shapes depending on where they're grown and how they were cultivated. Some of them are round, square, oblong, heart-shaped, pear, and a few types of "tartar". Some varieties have leaves that are dark green while others have left almost entirely white.

As mentioned, figs are mainly eaten as a dessert after meals and as a health food. They're also part of many deserts including hot apple pie, chocolate cake, raisin cake, and lemon cakes. Fig cakes are often mixed with cakes made with dates, nuts, and honey to make them more palatable and some people use fig leaves to sweeten their fruit juices. One of the main reasons why fig tree leaves are used as a natural sweetener is because it's a bitter taste. It's not known why this bitter taste is present in some fruits but it could be due to the composition of fig leaf which is high in sugars.

The figs are most favored by those who like eating fresh figs but some prefer dried figs. This is because they don't have to go through the process of ripening. Dried figs retain the same shape and softness when they're still young so they taste better. There are different types of fig trees available all across the world. Some of the most common ones are the Mediterranean fig tree, African fig tree, garden fig tree, the banyan fig tree, and the American tree fig.

Common figs are known for their juicy and tasty yellow flowers. These flowers look like tiny roses and the petals are trumpet-shaped and appear about to burst from the skin. Syconia flowers are small and round and their color ranges from deep purple to pale yellow. As for the leaves, they are short and oval and the leaves look like little plump prunes. Syconia are very hardy trees and grow well even in shaded areas.

These trees are also found in Africa, Madagascar, and India and were cultivated even in ancient times. The fig tree is related to the date palm and the date palms are primarily grown in Asia and Africa. In ancient times, fig-trees were cultivated in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries. In Greece, a common fig tree was called "Psyllium" because it yielded fig seeds which were used as a fig tree fertilizer.

Today there are many cultivars and hybrids of the common fig species that have been developed since biblical times and they are still being improved. Even though figs are not considered as a food in the eyes of the FDA, there are many uses for this edible fruit. It has been proven that consuming dried figs can stimulate your appetite, and they are a great alternative if you do not like nuts or dried fruits. The good news is that you can enjoy figs whether you like them raw or cooked; so go ahead and indulge in this healthy sweet treat!