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Drinking Lemonade With Warm Water to Fight Off Disease

If you are a regular acidic beverage drinker, then you probably have heard of all of the health benefits of lemon. If not, then here are six amazing benefits of lemon you never knew existed. You can also substitute lemon water for soda or regular water if you so desire. If you think lemon is only for lemonade, then you've got it all wrong. You can find a ton of uses for lemon in your daily life.

First, drinking a glass of lemon water each day can help you shed pounds. A healthy, eight-ounce glass of lemon water should you drink a day is an easy way to kick off your day right off to the right track. So how can you know when you're drinking enough lemon? Well, your urine is pretty much clear. As an added bonus, lemon also contains a high amount of vitamin C, which is also a very powerful antioxidant. This means that every time you pop that lemon in your mouth and chew it, you are consuming a powerful source of health benefits.

Second, drinking lemon juice with warm water is a great metabolism booster. Studies have shown that drinking lemon juice with warm water is very helpful in boosting your metabolic rate. When your metabolic rate goes up, it means you burn more fat and calories. And studies have shown that increasing your metabolic rate can significantly help in weight loss. It's pretty amazing, actually.

Third, lemon water is great for your digestive system. One of the most popular things people do is squeeze lemon water out of a wedge. But squeezing isn't the best way for you to consume lemon water. The citrus fruit can have an acidic taste, which can actually stimulate your stomach acid, which is one of the main culprits for acid reflux. So instead, try swishing lemon water around your mouth using your finger.

Fourth, drinking lemon water throughout the day helps keep your body healthy. We are creatures of habit, too. When we drink lemon water throughout the day, our bodies act like robots because we are constantly reminded to drink more water every day. This is a wonderful habit management technique and has been found to be very effective for keeping your body healthy.

Finally, drinking lemon juice with warm water can help prevent prostate cancer. Prostate cancer kills over half of all men who are alive today. The good news is that drinking lemon juice with warm water each day can help your body fight off this disease. And you should start seeing some health benefits almost right away.