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Summer Beauty Hacks

 It's summertime and you are dying to get in that beach body but don't have the time or resources to try every summer beauty hack that is out there. So instead of taking a risk and experimenting, why not just get your hands on one of the more popular, tried and true summer hacks to give you a few benefits that will last throughout the summer. Some may even help you achieve some time during the fall and winter too! Here are the top 3 summer hacks:

Drink More Water: I'm sure you've heard this before but how many times have you been out and found yourself thirsty? It happens all of the time. Why not make it into a fun drinking game by giving everyone you know a pool cue or ball of water. When everyone drinks from their pool cue or ball of water you can guess what will happen next? Guess!

Exfoliate: Scrubbing your face and body every day will leave you looking younger for longer thanks to the exfoliating powers of fruit. There are tons of great fruits to exfoliate with like peaches, strawberries, pineapple and kiwi. One thing to remember is not to exfoliate too hard as you could damage your skin. If you do decide to use an exfoliating scrub make it a gentle one that won't harm or dry out your skin.

Eat more fruits and vegetables: Eating a diet that is full of fruits and vegetables will help you get the most out of the summer sun. Not only will your skin thank you but your whole body will benefit from the vitamins and minerals in the fruits and vegetables. Also, it will give you an energy boost so you don't feel like you're dragging yourself through the day. Who doesn't want to look and feel great all of the time?

Use Honey Cups: Mix some honey into smoothies or smoothie and drink it cold. This is great for those who have sensitive skin or are watching their sugar intake. It's also easy on the budget. Honey has been known to speed up our body's metabolism which will make us feel more energetic throughout the day. Plus honey will give you that extra boost you need to get through that sluggish summer weather.

Get Fruits and Vegetable Juicer: Eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis will keep your skin healthy and glowing. Juicing your fruits and vegetables will save you money since fruits are usually pretty expensive. A juicer will also give you a healthier diet and give you more time to enjoy the summer weather.

Put on a good sunscreen: Protecting your skin from harmful rays of the sun is one of the most important of these summer beauty hacks. The sun's harmful UV rays can cause sunspots and age spots. Also, if you often go outside without a lot of protection you could become more susceptible to sunburns. An SPF 15 sunscreen can keep you from getting sunburned and help you stay looking fresh all year long. Also, using sunscreen when you're in the sun gives you less chance of being overdosed by harmful rays. Don't use butter or margarine when you're out in the sun to avoid overexposure to UV rays.

Put on some Sunblock: Protecting your skin from the harsh summer weather includes shielding it from the harmful rays of the sun. Apply some sunscreen before stepping out in the sun and apply more afterward to prevent sunburns and keep your skin moist. Summer weather can be really damaging to your skin so taking precautions like these can be extremely helpful. Now that you know a few simple hacks to keep your beauty at its best throughout the year, head outside and enjoy the summer weather. Enjoy the sunshine! Have healthy skin!