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The Health Is Wealth Paragraph

 "Health is Wealth" is the most famous and well-known bumper sticker that is currently on the sales of almost every vehicle in the US. It is a simple message that has inspired people to live better lives. But did you know that not just bumper stickers, but also bumper posters, magnets, signs, letterheads, even business cards carry this one word of wisdom? Did you know that your health and wealth are intrinsically linked?

Before we get into this discovery let us first understand what health really is. Health is a quality of life that has something to do with how well we are able to function throughout the day and how our body reacts to stressors. Health is the normal condition of living and nothing else. We all have health, but not at the same time and not to the same degree.

The difference between health and wealth is actually quite profound. Health refers to the ability to live and work without impairment and discomfort. This is usually equated with being able to enjoy activities, whether physical or mental, with minimal effort. In contrast, wealth pertains to the possession of material possessions such as money and luxury.

So when you say that health is wealth, are you saying that health is wealth? Or do you mean health is wellness or wealth? What I'm trying to get across is that health and wealth are two different things. They go hand-in-hand, but they are two sides of the same coin.

Let's take for example, hypertension. High blood pressure is something that we would consider a disease. However, if we were to compare the lifestyle of someone who is healthy, exercising regularly, consuming enough food and drinks, taking their medications as directed, having regular checkups, and avoiding or reducing environmental pollutants such as tobacco smoke and air pollution, we would quickly realize that their health status is far superior to ours. Do you see the connection here? Health is wealth. Wealth, on the other hand, can easily be equated to health.

So what does this all have to do with health? Well, it's quite simple actually. If you have health, then you have more resources available to you. You know your body better than anyone. You are not afraid to spend money on things such as a home medical alarm system, prescription glasses, personal massager, orthopedic seat, etc.

Now imagine for a moment that you don't have all of these resources available to you. You may be able to go to a doctor when needed, but what happens when you need to be hospitalized? Would you be able to afford the quality of care that you deserve? Of course not. The time and money saved by having health are directly translated into wealth because you no longer have to go into debt to buy the very things that you value most in life. The time saved can easily be used towards building wealth.

What's more, your family is now in a much better financial position to provide for you. Instead of depending on public charity programs, they are now able to provide all of your basic needs. The health is wealth paragraph just demonstrates how your health can become wealthy if you have it. I hope that you take this lesson to heart and apply it to your own life.

There are many people who feel that health is wealth. This is because you can save more by maintaining your health. It costs less money to keep healthy and stay alive and can result in thousands of dollars worth of savings. Not only that but once you are healthy you will likely live longer than those who are not. Life expectancy has risen dramatically over the past century, and with medical advances, we are seeing this trend continue.

In order to use the health is wealth paragraph to its fullest potential you must get proactive. Start eating healthier foods, start exercising, and start watching your weight. These three things will lead to a longer lifespan and increased wealth. If you are not already doing these things, you should definitely consider adding them to your lifestyle immediately. As you progress in your new healthy eating and fitness habits you will begin to see dramatic differences in your health and wealth status.

The health is wealth paragraph is meant to encourage you to take responsibility for your own health. If you are like most people, you have no idea what this means. Start examining your diet and exercising habits. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that they require more attention than you previously gave them. A few hundred extra calories every day is all it takes to lose a significant amount of weight and improve your health in ways you never imagined possible. Once you make changes in your eating habits and exercise programs, you will be surprised at how much additional time you have on your hands.