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5 Foods to Eat to Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

It is a fact that many people do not know that eating low cholesterol foods can actually be very helpful. If you want to know what these foods are, then you are in for a treat. We will go over here a few low-cholesterol foods to eat to lower your cholesterol levels. However, before we get into it, we need to understand that there are two types of cholesterol, namely, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL). In this article, we will focus on the first type of cholesterol.

It is important to note that although most people call it "cholesterol", it is actually triglycerides that are considered bad for your health. Therefore, foods that contain a lot of triglycerides should be avoided, such as most types of meat. Fish should also be avoided because it too contains a lot of triglycerides. Other foods to avoid are foods that are processed, such as canned goods, snack foods, cookies, crackers, and dried fruits.

Now, let's talk about the low-density kind of cholesterol. This type of cholesterol is not as harmful as the other one. The good news is that it can actually be lowered without affecting the total level. The problem is that it can decrease your HDL and increase your LDL. This is why eating lower cholesterol foods can actually be quite effective. These are some examples.

First, there are whole grains. High fiber foods like whole-wheat bread are a great way to start. Also, some fruit servings and vegetables are also high in fiber. You can add them to your diet to create a low-cholesterol diet. There are many cookbooks out there that will give you a lot of ideas on how to make them into delicious foods.

Second, some legumes are also good for lowering bad cholesterol. Just make sure that if you are having problems digesting beans that you don't eat them raw. Instead, you can eat them cooked or as a soup ingredient. It would be better to eat a few beans cooked with a bit of onion instead of eating the bean itself.

Third, there are also supplements available to help reduce cholesterol. Some of these include Alli, which lowers cholesterol by blocking the absorption of lipids. There are also natural herbs available that can lower cholesterol. They are commonly found in teas or in capsules. You can try using turmeric, which is an herb that has been used for ages as an anti-inflammatory and to improve circulation.

Fourth, there are also foods that have a high fiber content. One example is whole wheat pieces of bread. Whole wheat has a high fiber content. This means that it will make you feel fuller for a longer period of time and thus you won't experience the sudden feeling of hunger that sometimes comes before lunch.

Lastly, there are other types of food that you can eat to lower your cholesterol levels. Many fruits have a high amount of fiber and some even have antioxidants. The antioxidants are known to eliminate free radicals from the body and this can prevent the development of various cardiovascular diseases. Bananas are also loaded with dietary fiber. Other fruits to eat are apples, grapes, prunes, and other citrus fruits.

Also, there are several legumes that have a high fiber content. One example is black beans. These legumes are also high in protein. And with high protein, you get low cholesterol because it also helps to control your cholesterol levels.

Other foods that you should have a high intake of are oats, peanuts, walnuts, and many more. Oatmeal has a high level of soluble fiber. When you consume oatmeal regularly, it helps in improving your digestion and prevents constipation. Walnuts are loaded with unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats are great for your health since they have been scientifically proven to help lower bad cholesterol levels.

Besides the foods mentioned above, there are also other helpful supplements that you can take such as Creatine Monohydrate, BCAAs, and policosanol. Aside from cholesterol, you also need to avoid foods that are high in sugar content. Foods containing high sugar levels can greatly increase your cholesterol level and make it hard for you to regulate it. So take these foods to lower your cholesterol levels now.