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Can Plant Foods Be Bad For Your Health?

 This article is not going to be able to answer that question. The reason why is because the whole question of if eating healthy can be bad for your health is really a black and white one. We only have black and white answers to this question.

Can eat saturated fat cause cancer? Can eat cholesterol cause heart disease? Is it possible to become diabetic from consuming too much-saturated fat? These are all very good questions, but the bottom line is that there is no real answer to these questions.

What you need to be eating in order to stay healthy is "real food" as in fresh produce, lean meats, seafood, and chicken. The reason why I say this is because it is possible to find many plant foods that are high in nutrition while at the same time being high in calories. A perfect example of this is sunflower seeds. Although they are considered to be "fake" foods by many people they are actually extremely healthy. A perfect example of plant food that is high in nutrition while at the same time being low in calories is mango.