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Five Foods to Eat For Eye Health

What are the best foods to eat for eye health? As a matter of fact, this is one question I get asked a lot from readers, clients, and the "go-to" nutritionists. Often I can't help but laugh when I read these comments because they always have the same answer...eye health is dependent upon the proper nutrients contained in the foods you eat. Yes, I know that's a truism but isn't there something else we've been told over again? That if you take the proper supplements and avoid certain foods, you'll have better eyesight anyway?

The truth is that when you eat the right foods your eyesight can improve significantly. However, one thing that needs to be emphasized is that if you want your vision to improve it's absolutely necessary to do more than simply eat the right foods. You also need to make sure you get plenty of rest. I'm not talking about the type you take before bed but the type you get during the day. Without adequate rest, your body is not able to rejuvenate itself and repair the damage caused by daily stress, toxins, and other factors.

If you don't take adequate care of yourself, you might notice some changes in your eyesight fairly quickly. In fact, sometimes the best way to catch that dreaded disease is to catch it early. One of the biggest things you can do to improve your eyesight is to drink enough water. Water helps your eyes to relax, which in turn improves your eyesight.

Another good eye exercise that can be done anywhere is to blink constantly for 15 seconds. This will improve your circulation and get rid of accumulated hemoglobin. This is a very serious eye condition known as 'hardened, clogged and tired eyes'. And although it's a little more complex than just opening and closing your eyes, it's still good practice.

Foods that are high in nutrients and antioxidants are especially good for our eyes. Apples are one of the best sources of antioxidants around. Apples have lots of antioxidants and can easily be added to any diet. Carrots are another great source of antioxidants. The beta carotene found in carrots can improve the general health of your eyes.

Eye foods that also help the health of your eyes are important but they are too small and concentrated to put into a completely healthy diet. However, these foods are some of the most important if you want to make sure you don't age before your time. They should also be a part of every meal that you eat.

Eye problems aren't something to be taken lightly. So many people suffer from various types of eye problems each year and it's getting to be even harder to protect your eyes from developing. The earlier you start treating your eyes with natural eye care products and healthy lifestyle habits, the better off you'll be. And the sooner you can get back to your eye health regimen, the sooner you'll find that you won't need to use any kind of eye drops anymore.

So there you have it. Five foods to eat for eye health. They include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, and eye health supplements. Now all you have to do is start eating right and taking care of your eyes!

Fruits and vegetables are the healthiest things on the planet, so take a few steps toward good eye health by including lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. The more fresh produce you have in your diet, the better. And remember, fruit juices are loaded with antioxidants that will benefit your eyesight. One or two servings of fruits and vegetables per day are the minimum you need to stay healthy. You can always add more as your palate tastes like your favorite summer fruit juice.

Whole grains are an important part of a healthy diet. Because they contain so many nutrients, they are filling, which means you'll feel fuller longer. Whole-grain pieces of bread, kinds of pasta, muffins, and cereals are good examples of healthy whole grains. Try to avoid white bread, bagels, rolls, and cereal, because they contain refined sugars that contribute to eye disease.

Fish is an important part of a healthy diet as well, so be sure you include fish in your menu. There are two varieties, Alaskan salmon and Atlantic salmon. If you enjoy sushi, make it a habit to eat one roll with every meal! You'll be surprised at just how healthy the fish is.