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Healing Effects of Placebo Medicine

When it comes to healing oneself from illnesses the placebo effect is one of the main problems. Most likely if you have ever had a sore throat or headache, or maybe even a bad fever you may have heard the term placebo used. Placebo Healing Effects of DIY Scenarios is when your doctor prescribes you a course of antibiotics and while that may work temporarily for your ailment what do you do in the long run? You most likely take yourself off to the doctor's office and get another course of antibiotics or even worse prescribed more antibiotics. If your ailment is severe or just chronic you could end up with a lifelong antibiotic prescription.

Now obviously antibiotics can be extremely effective at curing infections and helping to speed up the healing process. However, there is more to antibiotics than just being an effective treatment. The reason why antibiotics are so successful at healing a wound or slowing down the progress of an infection is that they kill off all the bacteria in the immediate area. This is what doctors call systemic bacteriology and this is the most basic and fundamental aspect of placebo healing effects of DIY scenarios. There is a very strong link between the antibiotics we use today and antibiotic resistance.

Today in the US we are consuming more antibiotics and the pharmaceutical industry has taken notice and responded by introducing drugs that don't work nearly as well as the ones we use now. As a result of our consuming more antibiotics and less natural, healthy foods that heal our immune systems and keep us healthy most of us have become sick and tired of traditional health care. We want more health care but not the same kind we see our parents go through. This has led to a major surge in what are called alternative health care practitioners who offer a totally different form of treatment using completely natural products and methods.

Some natural health care practitioners use hypnosis to help their patients heal faster. Hypnosis has been around for centuries and has been used to treat many conditions from addiction to addictions to stress and anxiety. The healing effects of hypnotherapy for the mind are well known. What is not as well known are the healing effects of Placebo Medicine in health care. The FDA has received reports of patients using Placebo Medicine without knowing it.

For example, one report detailed how a health care nurse prescribes a patient eighteen weeks ago with two asthma medications and two muscle relaxers. He told her that if she were not taking the medicine he would switch her to an inhaler with no prescription. She has since started using the inhaler and has not complained of any side effects. The nurse was never told that the medications were placebo.

Why would anyone want to place their health at the disposal of another? How could someone want to subject themselves to more of the same medication they already have? Placebo is a word that has caused many a heated debates over the years. Some people will use the word when discussing the treatment of depression. They will claim that there is Placebo Effect and that drugs prescribed by doctors are merely placebos.

Some would say that this is no way to live and that is why the FDA has gotten involved. The FDA is not saying that all doctors are incompetent. The FDA does feel that the use of placebo in medicine has to be regulated. This law was created so that people would not take advantage of another person suffering needlessly. Placebo healing effects of this nature should be illegal.

With the advent of Placebo Medicine, doctors will be forced to find other means of treating the mind and body. This will lead to us asking questions such as what exactly is a placebo and how can it affect the body? Are we being too uptight on the issue of healing the mind or are we too loose on the issue? We will soon find out, I suppose, as the healing effects of this new wave of medical healing may be quite drastic indeed.