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Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Hot stone massage therapy is a type of alternative medicine bodywork and treatment involving the application of some heated or cool stones on the body for the sole purpose of relaxation, pain relief, and health improvement. It is a treatment that has been practiced for thousands of years and has continued to grow in popularity with each passing year. This therapy is often recommended to those who want to enjoy pain relief and treat their body from different ailments and diseases. It is done by placing heated stones on specific areas of the body like the feet, neck, face, arms, and other parts. In some cases, it is combined with other methods like aromatherapy and acupuncture to achieve a more powerful healing effect.

One can find a variety of hot stone massage therapy styles which depend on the type of stones used as well as the type of therapist. There are hot stone massage spas, in-clinic, and at-home therapists. A spa therapist is a licensed therapist who has undergone thorough training to learn how to perform hot stone massages. It is important for a spa therapist to learn and understand the proper techniques before embarking on this kind of massage.

In this type of hot stone massage therapy, therapists use different types of oils and essential oils for the purposes of healing as well as relax the client. Most of the time, these oils are made using basalt stones. Basalt stones have been found to be a good medium for retaining heat and for healing. They have been used for centuries as an altar by some tribes. In this case, the oil is applied to the stone and the therapist slowly massages the oil using the proper pressure.

When it comes to a hot stone massage therapy session, it is important for the therapist to prepare the body of the client beforehand. This preparation can range from removing loose dry skin to wrapping the entire body in warm clothes. It is also important for the hot stone massage therapist to make sure that the client's skeletal muscles are warmed up and are ready to get into the massage session. To do this, the therapist will place his or her hands in hot water that has been heated prior to hand therapy.

Since hot stones can cause burns if not handled properly, the therapist should use proper breathing techniques to avoid any unnecessary exposure of skin to the temperature. The temperature on the stones may vary from person to person. Sometimes, they can feel warmer than other people. As much as possible, it is always recommended that the client and the spa therapist should have a discussion about the temperature of the stones beforehand and should also know which stones can and cannot feel better for a particular client.

Another aspect of hot stone massage therapy is the use of heated stones. Heat can actually help relax muscles, ease the pain, increase blood flow and even release toxins through sweating. However, the exact effects of heat on the body should never be underestimated especially if the therapist is using the wrong temperature. As much as possible, clients should ask the therapist if he/she knows what the right temperature for a certain stone should be.

Aside from using the wrong temperature, the massage therapist should also avoid using too much pressure when massaging the parts of the body that feel better. It is true that going with the flow is always advisable. However, since the client is lying down, it is quite hard to go with the flow. For people who feel pain during the therapy session, it is very important to let go of that pain. The massage therapist should let the client take his/her time to feel better.

Although this type of massage technique may not directly deal with problems like heart disease and other bodily diseases, it can still help alleviate tension in the muscles. Tension can build up in the muscles because of everyday life. In order to relieve the tension in the muscle, it is important to rub the stones on the parts that feel better. To keep blood vessels open and oxygenated, stone massage therapy should be done in order to keep the muscle relaxed and to release the stress that builds up in the body every day.