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Some Common Types Of Acne And What They Do To Your Skin

There are many kinds of acne and they all have different kinds of causes, effects, and cures. So if you are unsure which type you have, see your dermatologist. They will prescribe a medicine to clear it up. In this article, I'll list some of the most common types of acne that people have and what their causes and cures are.

The most common type is called Acne Vulgaris. This is often referred to as a zit, pimple, or whitehead. It occurs on the face, back, and neck and is usually very superficial so only other human skin is visible. The main cause of acne here is bacteria getting trapped in hair follicles on the skin's surface.

Papulopustular is another very common type of pimple. It generally appears on the chin, cheeks, forehead, and chest. Papulopustular are filled with pus and are quite painful. One of the main causes for this type of pimple is the buildup of excess oil from the glands underneath the skin. The pus also gives this pimple the characteristic bumpy texture.

Pimples can also appear on the neck and shoulder areas, usually accompanied by flushing and redness. This condition is known as Acne Rosacea. It is very similar to a pimple but it does not cause the same kind of reaction. This type of acne is generally less severe than most others. It is caused when the sebaceous glands are stimulated due to an overactive nervous system. You will usually see this acne on people who smoke, have a weak immune system, are taking certain medicines, or have a hormonal imbalance.

Some people suffer from Smooth Collagenase. This is a rare type of acne that is characterized by smooth, velvety skin. The reason for this is unknown but it is thought to be due to a collagen build-up that is taking place. This is seen mostly in elderly people and those who have had surgery on the face.

Scars are the worst possible problem that acne causes in teenagers. It causes permanent scarring of the skin that is impossible to get rid of. If you have had acne and your scars are severe then you may want to visit your dermatologist and talk to him about having laser treatment. This will help to speed up the healing time of the scars and will also make the surrounding skin much clearer.

People who are suffering from Rosacea should keep their hands away from their face and their hair. The redness will make it difficult to do anything and your skin will become inflamed. Rosacea is a form of an allergic condition and therefore it needs to be treated as such. The redness is due to the inflammation of the capillaries and the blood vessels which supply the skin with its required nutrients. It is recommended that people with Rosacea wear sunscreen whenever they are out in the sun.

Acne affects people in various ways. Some feel they are just having a bad day or that something is wrong with them, while others think it's actually all right and will go away. There are quite a few home remedies that you can use. Applying some baking soda on the pimple before you apply the benzoyl peroxide may help if you have a mild case. Drinking plenty of water is very important when dealing with acne as it helps to flush out impurities in the body. You should also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to keep your body hydrated and to keep your skin looking healthy.