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The Simple Power of Small Increments

There is an old saying that goes, "The little changes make big differences." It's true. That's because small changes matter a lot. What does that mean? If you had to take one thing from your life right now and give it your full attention, what would that be? If you had to give yourself something that you really want, that only comes once a year, what would it be?

You can change anything in your life with very little effort. All it takes is a choice. Would you like to be a millionaire by tomorrow? Of course, you would, but what would be the little steps to get there?

So what's stopping you? Your fear of making a huge mistake or of not having enough time is keeping you from starting. The fear of embarrassment or shame is keeping you from pursuing your dreams. Or what about not being able to have the great life you've always dreamed of? Or losing the confidence that you need to achieve great things?

The key is to learn that just one little change can go a long way. The only thing standing between you and your goals are the reasons you're holding yourself back. Do you blame yourself, your family, your finances, or some other reason? If so, this is where your fear of failure or of not making a difference is coming from.

The simple answer is: No. That's the best news you'll hear. It's because the only thing limiting you is your fear. The only person who can stop you from reaching your goals is yourself. You have to convince yourself that small steps with great results are possible.

Once you accept that you have the power to change anything in your life by making just one change, your imagination will run wild. What will it be? What would be great about you? One small thing that will change everything.

So now you can go do something small like buying or giving away an article of clothing to a friend or even writing a short report on a topic of your choice for your small grant. Or you can decide to get up and walk a marathon tomorrow. The choice is yours. Either way you're sure to feel better about yourself.

Now here's another great exercise. Get yourself into a sitting position, cross your legs and start breathing slowly, very deeply. You're going to focus on each breath as you take it and expand the air from your lungs to your chest. As you do this, you'll notice that you aren't thinking about the fact that you're breathing. This is why exercising the mind by focusing on one little thing can bring about great change.

Here's a simple way to put this into practice. Pick out one thing from your daily life, and start asking yourself "What can I change about this part of my life?" Be honest with yourself. Be specific. As you notice things in your life that you could change, write them down and make a list of the good things about those things. You're going to want to focus on those small details because they're going to have the greatest impact on how you feel.

Here's an example. If your habit is smoking, making a list of all of the good things you feel when you quit, or even small increments that you can make to improve your health, like eating healthy, taking vitamins, getting enough sleep, exercising more... etc. If you put it all together into a "change wish list" you'll be amazed at just how quickly your mind can begin to change.

So how do you apply this to the law of attraction? Well, the answer is simple. You simply write a wishlist on a piece of paper. Now imagine for 5 days as though those wishlist items did not exist. The difference between this and the law of attraction is this: the power of small increments is exponentially greater.

This is why I'm always so intrigued by people who get up and change their lifestyles for the better every single day. It seems that no matter how small the change, they must take it because they want to feel good. This is how you can live a truly abundant life. Simply make a wishlist of little things that will improve your life in some small increments, and let your positive thinking take over from there!