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What is Digital License Activation?

To be able to successfully complete the process of license activation, one must know the digital license facts required by Microsoft. When activated, these digital license keys allow users the freedom to operate the corresponding Windows programs without having to worry about any charges. However, as an important reminder, one should understand that digital license keys do not work on any pre-existing licensing programs and that activation is only possible after a fresh registration. One also has to bear in mind that to be able to activate a digital license, one will have to provide a valid email address. The email address can either be the one provided by the software provider or the one supplied by the user.

To activate the digital license, the computer where the registration was done should be joined with the internet service. This is achieved through a VPN or the Virtual Private Network. Thereafter, a user should log into the Windows system using his Windows login ID. When the user logs in, a unique key that has been generated at the time of registration is sent to the email address provided.

For further security, an option should be provided for the user to clear the activation email. This should be done immediately when the user has finished logging on. The email should also be checked to ensure that it is indeed active. The use of an anti-virus program will help detect any infections and correct them accordingly. It would be prudent to also run a system scan every now and then so as to check that no viruses are still lurking in the system.

Once all the checks have been made, the user will then be able to go ahead and activate the digital license. During activation, a message will be displayed on the screen. This message will confirm that the activation is successful and that the computer will now be able to read the installed software. The digital license activation wizard will now be presented on the screen.

The entire process will take only a few minutes. The moment of success will be indicated on the screen. The user will just have to follow the instructions that will be given to him or her. He or she will also be provided with a unique activation code. This code will allow the user to log into the system and perform other functions.

Once the activation is complete, the operating system will then determine whether the computer is ready to print. The activation process is very simple and straightforward. All that a user needs to do is to ensure that he or she follow the activation instructions printed on the activation wizard disc and he or she can be on his or her way to enjoying all the benefits offered by the digital license feature in Windows 10

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