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Classes at the Sacred Home

For many years I have been a practitioner of the Sacred Home method and style, which were developed by Thelma Costa in 1969. It has been refined and modified by Joseph Fricker, Ph.D. in the present day to assist with healing and facilitate spiritual growth. In fact, Dr. Fricker is one of the leading authorities on the Sacred Home method.

When you engage in the Sacred Home form of yoga, it means that you are working from within your heart, mind, and soul. Thelma Costa believed that we all contain an infinite amount of energy waiting for our free will to express it. What we are aware of is only part of this interconnectedness. As a result, she felt that we should practice yoga as if we were speaking the language of all beings.

In practice, she held everyone accountable to themselves through breath awareness. She believed that each chakra points to a point of transformation. To heal or maintain any chakra at any time, you must pay attention. For instance, when you experience low energy from the top of your head, you should consider paying attention to your eyes. Similarly, the lower energy point in your feet should be considered, as well as the energy center in your navel.

Thelma Costa designed her yoga sanctuary so that there are no fixed schedules for daily or weekly sessions. You can come and go as you please. You can also visit it without any particular agenda. That is what has made this type of yoga so inviting. Anyone, from beginners to professionals, can benefit from its gentle, yet powerful, cleansing energies.

The healing energies flowing through The Sacred Home can help to ease physical and emotional discomfort. If you experience any of the following, you should attend a yoga session: constant worry and stress, constant aches and pains, irritability, depression, anxiety, or even just feeling "off". You may feel like you are fighting an uphill battle against these feelings. In fact, you are. No matter how challenging they may seem, they will pass.

When you regularly attend yoga classes at The Sacred Home class, you will notice that you are calmer, more centered, and more responsive to your surroundings. It's amazing how quickly the effects of stress can wear you down. Once you are calm, you can begin to think clearly and rationally.

You can also appreciate nature's beauty. This is a sanctuary that is truly a work of art. Each color radiates out from every stone and piece of artwork within the building. The stones are colored to represent the earth and each artwork is displayed to its best ability. This helps you to see things more clearly and create a deeper connection to the spiritual forces that are a part of this amazing location.

You won't feel like you are taking classes once you enter the Sacred Home. Instead, you will feel like you've left the world and found a new place to live. Yoga in a sacred place can be an amazingly deep and meaningful experience. You may find that it can help you heal and enjoy your life more fully as you go about daily activities without any disturbances.

Some of the most popular yoga classes offered are ones that focus on meditation. If you like to relax with a good cup of tea and a peaceful environment, then you may want to try one of the many morning sessions that are offered. You can bring yourself right back to nature when you meditate here. These types of yoga classes will also help you get into a good head of mind so that you can do other things well. They are soothing and can help you feel refreshed immediately after you complete your first class.

Another great type of yoga that is offered at the Sacred Home is yoga with fire. This is a form of yoga that centers on spiritual awareness and the use of breath to heal and bring you closer to the spirit. This is offered in many different forms at the Sanctuary, and you will feel the connection to the earth and the fire if you attend any of these classes. The beauty of being in a warm and comfortable sanctuary will make you feel instantly relaxed and ready to take your next step toward a healthy lifestyle.

There are also classes that are held outdoors, including nature yoga and meditation. This is a great way to learn yoga at home, and you can bring friends or family for additional support during your introductory period. As you progress through your introductory course, you will probably find that there is no better way to connect with the inner self and the spirit that lies within you than with home yoga classes.