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How Much Love Is Enough For A Child?

When I was growing up, I asked my mother as many questions as I could think of. I wanted to know the answer to the question, "How much love is enough for a child?" Of course, the question hit me like a ton of bricks one day when my grandmother passed away. She had always said that she was only half as good as my mother. I wanted to believe her, but when my grandmother died, I wasn't sure.

Looking back, I believe she was right. I never realized that there were days and nights when I didn't feel much love for her. I would often go out of my way to do things for her just to make her happy. This is something that my mother never did for me. Of course, she loved me and supported my dreams and ambitions, but at times, she showed signs that she didn't really love me as much as I deserved or more.

Wasn't it true that she once said that love was blind? That she didn't really see what was in front of her because I was too wrapped up in love with her to see things that were wrong? Maybe that's why she had to let me go when I was eight years old. When I was that young, I believe she saw that I lacked her love and support. Maybe that's why she decided that I should leave her when I grew up.

Is it true that love is blind? It seems like it's an old wives' tale that has been around forever. You know it's true; I am living proof of that. However, I also believe that sometimes love can be very intense and last a lifetime. I believe that if you give a child enough love and attention, they will see the world the way you see it, and that is a wonderful thing indeed.

A child needs love and attention on a daily basis. The difference between children who receive all the love and attention and those who don't is that those kids who are given all the love and attention, have a better chance at learning and growing into healthy, complete individuals. Those who don't receive all the love and attention are at a disadvantage in the developmental years. Isn't that a cruel joke of our society?

How much love is enough for a child? Some parents give all the love and attention to their children and expect them to grow into adults without receiving any love and caring. That's not loving; that's just exploitation of the system. And I don't think that is fair to our children. I'm sure you agree.

Now, some parents want everything for their children, and they believe, if they show any sign of even a sign of attention or love, that they are unloved. Of course, they aren't, but it seems like they think they are to receive all the love and attention. It's not fair to their children, who of course don't receive any love from a parent who doesn't even try to give them any.

So how much love is enough for a child? We will never know because that's up to us. We are the ones who bring them into this world, we are the ones who mold them, shape them into who they are and we need to learn to stop doing that. Love your children and give them all the love you can, because that's the only way they'll know the love you feel for them.