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Main Causes of Child Obesity

Have you ever wondered what are the main causes of childhood obesity? Well, I can tell you that there are several. Let's start with the most obvious one: lack of exercise and proper diet. Kids nowadays have no time for sports or even for hanging out with friends. This results in the development of weight problems. Lack of physical activities can lead to an increase in the risk of becoming obese, as studies show that a sedentary lifestyle leads to more serious health problems.

So, let's start looking at the other causes. Obesity is also caused by changes in the child's environment and lifestyle. When their parents are too busy working to provide a good life for them, the child often gets left alone and left with less attention. This is the time when the child resorts to food as his only form of relaxation. As he is not given time to socialize with other kids, this causes him to develop bad eating habits and eventually gain weight.

Another thing that we should take into consideration is how our children dress. The clothes we give our children could make a big difference to them later on. Some clothes could encourage the growth of toxins, such as those made from polyester. Although polyester is very durable and washable, it can still accumulate fats. This could potentially cause the formation of high blood pressure, which is very dangerous for your children's development.

Also, our children are not getting enough sleep. The amount of sleep needed for children has been found out to be less than the recommended hours of sleep. So, they do not have enough restful sleep to recover from stress and restorative sleep is very important. Most schools only require a minimum of eight hours of sleep. But, since many children do not get enough sleep, they become stressed out and this will trigger their appetite for food.

Our children are under too much stress. Too much stress causes depression in our children. They feel that everything is a test of how well they can resist discipline. They become angry when things do not go their way. Thus, they are lacking in emotional support and they look up to the television and video games more than family and friends.

The number of toys that we give our children also affects their development. It has been found out that children who have a wide range of toys tend to be happier and healthier. That means that if your child has only a few toys, he or she is likely to feel bored easily. They need variety in their lives and one way of doing that is through toys. When your child has more toys, he or she will be able to explore more and develop an interest in the things around him or her.

Not giving children enough fiber-rich foods can also affect child obesity. You should also teach your children about proper eating habits. If you have more fiber-rich food in their diets, then they will not need to depend on junk foods for the rest of the day. More intake of fiber-rich foods will enable your children to prevent constipation.

Our culture is more inclined to using fat burners and other weight-loss products for our children. If we let them see obese children, they will automatically want to be like them. This may lead them to abuse their bodies. That is why it is important for us to take good care of our children and make sure that they grow up healthy. These are the main causes of child obesity.