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Natural Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Back

Have you ever noticed how amazing your hair used to be when you were a teenager? Your hair would be lustrous, thick, full of volume and everything girls wanted. Well, times are very different now. There are many reasons why you may be losing your hair now. You may want to stop it so you can have the full head of hair you used to have as a teen.

You may also want to prevent future hair loss. This is probably one of the most popular reasons for hair loss in women. Many things in your diet may cause it. Even getting older can cause it. If you start to notice that you are losing hair, it may be time to start changing your diet.

One of the natural ways to make your hair grow back is by using onions. All you need to do is chop up an onion and rub this inside of your scalp for 30 minutes per day. This will help promote hair growth. If you want to get good results, you should only use the onion and not other ingredients that may be harmful to your hair. There are many recipes that you can find if you are not comfortable making your own.

Olive Oil is a great natural remedy for hair loss. It will moisturize the strands and will give them that natural shine that you have always wanted. All you have to do is massage a few drops into your scalp before bed and rinse out in the morning.

Nettle Root If you have tried everything else and nothing has worked for you then you may want to try a new natural ingredient called the nettle root. This herb has been used for hundreds of years to treat dandruff, it stops hair from falling out and even stimulates hair growth. All you do is boil a handful of the leaves in water overnight. You will rinse out in the morning with warm water but you do not need shampoo or conditioner.

Pumpkin Seeds is also another way to make your hair grow back. Just like olive oil they can moisturize your scalp as well as stop your hair loss. All you have to do is boil some pumpkin seeds and use the liquid as a conditioner. You can repeat this once or twice a week until your hair starts growing back in. You will probably have to give your hair a break for a few weeks after doing this.

Aloe Vera, You may have heard of aloe vera as an effective hair loss treatment. It is true that you can use the gel inside of the plant to grow back hair. What you will have to do is massage the gel into your scalp before bed and then rinse out in the shower in the morning. You will have to use the gel twice or three times a week for one month in order to get your hair back.

As you can see, there are many different natural ways to make your hair grow back naturally. These are all inexpensive and very easy to follow. If you are suffering from hair loss then you may want to see if any of these methods can help you out. You might be surprised at how much easier it is to grow your own hair back when you use natural remedies instead of using expensive hair loss products.

Massage Your Hair Massage has always been a great natural remedy for fighting hair loss. Just rub some olive oil into your scalp and cover it with a plastic cap to keep the oil in place. Then, rub your hair as far back on your scalp as you can. You should be able to feel some growth in just a few short weeks after starting this method.

Use Herbs You probably already know that you should not go out and buy all of those different hair loss drugs. You can easily make your own treatments from ingredients that you can find in your home. There are herbs that will make your hair grow back if you add the right ones to your scalp and hair. Garlic, horsetail, rosemary, and sage are just a few that can help promote hair growth.

Remember that hair loss does not have to control or even stop you from living your life to the fullest. If you use these natural methods to make your hair grow back, you should see an increase in your hair within a few weeks. All you need is the desire to treat your hair loss and you should be able to treat your problem naturally. So start using these natural ways to make your hair grow back today.