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The Role of Breakfast in Childhood Obesity

Parents often wonder if the breakfast they are feeding their children is helping them fight off childhood obesity. The first thing to understand is that kids do not eat breakfast because they need it. The school bus is already late for school and many kids are already hungry. The schools also do not feed breakfast at school for the same reason. Kids do not need breakfast to be healthy; they need something to help them get through the day and feel full.

The best thing for a child to have before lunch is a bowl of cereal or fruit. At breakfast, the child can fill up on nutrients while having something to eat at lunch. The child should never have more than two small meals a day. If the child has three or more large meals a day, chances are he or she will suffer from severe hunger, which will cause him or her to crave more food later in the evening. If the teen goes to school hungry, the teacher may not offer him or her lunch unless the situation is handled properly by the parent or guardian.

In the afternoon, a child should get a bagel or some toast with some fruit spread on it. A school bus probably does not bring the bagel with the toast and the fruit, so the parent or guardian should go shopping for them. The amount of food a child eats in one day is usually not enough to meet his or her daily nutritional requirements. It just adds up.

The role of breakfast in combating obesity is critical because it builds up the immune system, as well as the body's ability to absorb nutrients. In the morning, a child's stomach is empty. The body needs nourishment right away. A child cannot go to school hungry. A pre-schooler should never be hungry, even though the school bus is taking him/her to catch the last bus of the day.

If your child doesn't like to eat breakfast, explain it to him. Don't lecture at him. Just say that he has to eat something before school or after school if he wants to stay healthy. Your role as a parent is to provide an example for your child.

You may have noticed that many children skip breakfast. We all do it sometimes. The healthier the breakfast is, the more likely the child will stick to it. Many people are confused about what constitutes healthy. Eating eggs every morning is not the same as eating yogurt every morning.

The problem is that many schools are serving unhealthy breakfasts. Some only serve doughnuts, which are also not nutritious. School cafeterias are becoming an oasis of unhealthiness. You can help your child avoid going to these places by getting him/her started on the right eating habits early.

The role of breakfast in childhood obesity can be highly beneficial. Get your children started on healthy eating early. The results can be amazing.

There are a few things you can teach your children when they are young. You can get them to know about nutrition. Have them learn about how much fat is in eggs and whether or not eating eggs every day is healthy. Ask questions about the ingredients used to make their favorite breakfast foods. Explain why whole-grain foods are better for them than junk foods. These simple things can influence your child's eating habits greatly.

You can also set an example for them. Set a good example by eating a good breakfast yourself. If you skip breakfast, you won't get your child to do the same. Showing your children that you like to eat healthily is often enough to get them started. Then, when they see you eating healthy foods regularly, they will want to do the same.

Another thing you can do is get your children involved in the morning meal. Let them help you get ready, and then you can start them out with a nice breakfast, including some fruit. They might even start helping you prepare the food. This way, they will learn to be more responsible about their food intake. It will encourage them to eat breakfast, which is something you need to do if you want your child to lose weight.

Don't forget to reward your children when they eat breakfast. Put a special treat in the bowl for them each morning. You can save these treats for lunch, and then you can give them an additional treat for breakfast each day. This will motivate them to choose healthy options. Good luck, and have fun while you work on making sure that your child eats healthy.