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The Ultimate Guide to Tea Tree Oil For Your Hair

Did you know that you can use tea tree oil for your hair? If you have dandruff, are suffering from an oilier scalp, or just generally looking to give your hair a break from the typical shampoo and conditioner, then this may be the answer you were looking for. Tea tree oil is used for many different ailments, but it has recently been found to be effective in treating hair loss.

Before we move on though, let's examine what causes your hair to become oily. There are a variety of different reasons that your hair could become oily, such as excessive heat or humidity. You may also have too much dead skin on your scalp that sheds every day. Whatever the cause is, once your hair becomes oily it needs to be taken care of or it will leave your hair dull and lifeless looking.

Using tea tree oil for your hair is very simple, all you need to do is put a few drops into a cup of water, stir it up and then apply it to your hair as needed. Use natural products like shampoo to make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly, then simply repeat the process every other night before bed. You can see results very quickly, within just a couple weeks depending on the amount you use.

Another way to use tea tree oil for your hair is to clear up an existing condition that you may have. One such condition that is common among many people, is dry scalp. This is actually quite easy to treat, all you need to do is get some essential oils and combine them together, such as Rosemary and eucalyptus. These essential oils will soothe and cleanse your scalp, clearing up the symptoms of dry scalp.

If you notice that your head tends to sweat more at night while you are sleeping, then using tea tree oil on your scalp may help reduce this. It has been known to improve the quality of your sleep. Tea tree oil for your hair is very simple to use, all you need to do is add a few drops to a warm bath and then soak in it. The oils will penetrate your skin and help the body absorb the moisture that may be trapped in your scalp at night.

For best results use a small amount at first, then move up to a medium and finally increase the amount you use. Do not overuse, you can over-saturate your scalp and affect the effectiveness of the oil. If you are using any type of shampoo products, then they should also be washed with the oil and rinsed out before the application. You can find different products specially formulated for this purpose at most health food stores.

The last tip I will give you is to use tea tree oil in combination with an herbal shampoo. Herbal shampoos work well with essential oils from plants such as lavender, jasmine, and Rosemary. Tea tree oil combined with these types of herbs and the essential oils produced by your scalp will provide your hair with many healthy nutrients that it needs.

When shopping for your shampoo, try to avoid those that contain sulfates. These are common additives and can strip your hair of its natural oils, causing it to become dry and brittle. The Ultimate Guide to Tea Tree Oil for Your Hair will provide you with detailed instructions on how to select the best products for your hair and the care needed to keep them vibrant and strong. Do your research before you purchase and make sure you are purchasing products made by a trusted company. It may be worth your money to purchase a quality product from a reputable manufacturer.