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Three Ways to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Do you want to know about three ways to prevent childhood obesity? In this article, we will discuss the main reasons, which are increasing the number of overweight children or obesity in our society at large. It is a known fact that obesity is becoming a huge and growing problem in our country. There is a shocking news report which states that the number of children that are being diagnosed with obesity has increased by almost twenty percent within a short span of time. This alarming news has forced the American government and the federal agencies to come out with some policies and programs in order to tackle and prevent the situation from worsening.

Childhood obesity mainly occurs due to different factors. The major reason behind it is the changing lifestyles which our children are adopting nowadays. Parents are not providing their children with healthy nutritious diets. Instead, they are placing a lot of importance on fast food, sugary snacks, and other junk foods which are very harmful to the health of the children. Eating junk foods leads to a drastic increase in the level of body fat in children.

The number of overweight children around the world is alarming. A lot of doctors are saying that this could be attributed to the lack of exercise. Children are spending more of their time in front of the TV. They do not have time to go to the gym to jog or join sports clubs to participate in a game. Hence, it is essential for parents to ensure that they guide their children well so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle and stay away from the risks of contracting obesity and other related diseases. The first of the three ways to prevent childhood obesity is to encourage them to eat healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.

Children also need to learn how to cook nutritious meals. This can be done by parents who should teach them how to prepare healthy meals at home. Parents should also take a lot of time to read the food labels to find out what is inside the food items. If they see any ingredients that they are allergic to, then they should avoid eating that particular food item.

Another way of teaching your child about obesity is through games. You can encourage your kid to participate in indoor games like tag or other team games which are based on sports. This will keep them physically active and also mentally stimulated so that they will not feel dejected when they do not win a particular game.

It is very important for parents to monitor their kids closely. Kids who are obese are more likely to suffer from psychological disorders like irritability or even depression. Parents must talk to their children about the disadvantages of being overweight. Obesity can cause a child to grow taller than their peers. It can also cause a child to have a shortened life span.

If parents and teachers really want to help their children learn about the gravity of obesity, then they must be consistent in implementing the three ways to prevent childhood obesity. Parents should monitor their child's food intake. They should also teach their children good nutrition habits. Teachers should be encouraged to discuss healthy weight loss with their students.

Parents and teachers can implement these three ways to prevent childhood obesity by themselves or with the help of an Obesity Prevention Month Celebration committee. Invitations to schools can be printed and handed out during a month. If you can join in a month, it will not only help you get the message across but also help spread awareness about this topic.