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Top 5 Yoga Postures For Weight Loss

Many of us have heard about or do yoga and are familiar with the benefits of using yoga poses to help you get in shape. Yoga can be used for a variety of purposes and one of the most important things that people like about yoga is that it is low impact. However, when you combine yoga with other types of exercise, such as running or weightlifting, you can get stronger and improve your endurance. Here are some of the top five yoga poses for fighting obesity.

The first of the yoga poses to consider for weight loss is the Sukhasana. This is a headstand position where your feet are placed flat on the floor, with your hands clasped together. As you arch your back, bringing it to a point where you are in a semi-squat position, tighten your abdominals and then exhale as hard as you possibly can. Firm and then relax the abdominal muscles as you let the air out through pursed lips. Practice this pose at least once a week for optimal results.

Another effective practice for weight loss is the Ashtanga Vinyasa. This is also a headstand position and this time, you will be placed on the floor with your legs straight and your arms hanging down. Tighten your ab muscles as you extend your legs and use the energy from within to generate energy as you breathe in. As you exhale, you should pull your diaphragm in to make a full contraction in your stomach.

One of the best yoga poses for fighting the belly is the Hatha Yoga asana. Begin your session by standing with your legs apart at shoulder width, with your hands clasped together as if you are doing a handstand. Now, inhale deeply and imagine that fire is starting inside of you and expand your chest until you feel it expanding. Then contract your diaphragm, drawing your abdomen in as you exhale and relax.

In the Ashtanga Pranayamaana, or "Breath Taking Postures," you will be introduced to mudras. Mudras are the traditional yoga poses that were initiated in India. Mudslesha means "knotted line." This signifies that these yoga poses help you understand and control your breathing. Once you master the art of controlling your breath, you can easily use yoga poses for weight loss purposes.

Kapalabhati is another important yoga pose you need to know about. Kapalabhati literally means "Sitting Buddha" but it does not refer to a Buddha anymore. Instead, you should visualize a small dot on the inside of your right foot. This dot should become the center of your universe, and when you think of it often, it will start to expand to fill your entire right side. This simple gesture will help you lose weight because it will increase your internal life force.

Upasana (standing) and Bhujang (lying) are two other poses that you should know about. Upasana is considered one of the best asanas that can help you lose weight fast. In Upasana, or standing postures, your legs are placed on chairs so that they are straight and your body's weight is supported by them. Next, you should focus on pressing your abdominal muscles, as they contract, making you stomach bigger and firmer. Lastly, you need to inhale deeply, while turning your head sideways, so that both your shoulders and your head will be fully aligned.

It takes a bit of practice to perfect these yoga poses for weight loss. If you can manage to practice these yoga poses on a regular basis, it will surely help you attain your weight loss goal. However, if you cannot afford to spend your time practicing these yoga poses for weight loss, you can always choose to do yoga as a routine. You can also ask your gym instructor for suggestions on which pose would be best for you.