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Avoiding Common Hair Mistakes

You have probably experienced the frustration of a bad haircut and the resulting split ends, dried-out hair, and bald spots. It's easy to let the bad hair days go by without doing much to prevent them. But don't think you can take your ordinary hair care methods for granted. There are plenty of steps you can take to help prevent the dreaded common hair mistakes.

One of the most common hair mistakes people make is using the wrong shampoo. This might seem like a pretty straightforward thing to get right. But shampooing your hair every day is not just about getting rid of that oily residue left in your hair and scalp-a certain amount of shampoo is necessary to achieve good results. Here are a few tips on how to find the right shampoo to help prevent losing your hair:

Using the wrong type of conditioner is one of the most common hair mistakes people make. Many stylists will recommend a particular type of hair product to their clients based on how shiny and full they want their strands to be. But remember that this isn't something you just apply and then stop - even the best conditioner isn't as effective if it doesn't penetrate your hair shaft properly. Your stylist will be able to help you pick the right conditioner for your hair type and texture, and give you advice on how often you should use it.

A bad haircut means bad brushing, but this is another common hair mistake that can be easily prevented. While you might want your stylist to use a hard bristle brush for your long, thick locks, they aren't the only ones that work well with different types of hair. Try using soft bristle brushes on shorter, lighter strands to prevent pulling and breaking your hair. And don't forget that using the wrong brush can also cause hair damage-so always ask your stylist which products, brands, and types of hairbrushes they think would be best for your type of hair.

Another hair mistake that can seem subtle at first, but can really ruin your looks is dying your hair before it's fully colored. You may have seen this happening on TV or in magazines, and you're wondering why on earth anyone would do that. Well, using heat to treat your hair chemically destroys its natural pigment, and the coloring process removes a lot of the healthy oils and sebum your scalp naturally produces. When you're getting ready for a big event or date, opt for highlights or bright colors so your hair can stay healthier. If you're using a natural-looking shampoo or conditioner, skip the chemicals and go for a non-comedogenic shampoo instead.

If you're trying to style up a mop of hair, never pull on or flip your hair without carefully detangling it first. You can accidentally rip or tear your hair if you're not careful, and your stylist will be able to spot the problem immediately and may be able to fix it right then and there. Every time you wash your hair, run the rinse and wash cycle separately. The shampoo gets on your scalp, doesn't rinse away, and starts working on your hair every time you run the rinse. If you have a lot of frizzy, curly hair, a clarifying shampoo often works wonders.

Never put your hair up into a bun, especially when it has a natural wavy texture to it. Just because your hair is wavy doesn't mean it needs a straight brush, and any braids or cornrows done incorrectly will pull your strands into the shape you didn't want. Even when your stylist recommends a particular braid style, don't always follow their advice.

Even though it may take extra effort to avoid common mistakes like pulling or flipping your hair, it pays to make sure you get your hair colored every few months or so, as well as having it dried professionally every time. A deep conditioning treatment once a month also helps to keep your strands healthy. If you're going away for the weekend, try not to twist or do any other damage to your hair that will break it. Also, if you have long hair, be sure to use heat protectant spray whenever you go out in the sun for more than a few minutes as this can cause the color to fade faster than if you were to let it air dry.