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Build a Stronger Chest With Dangerous Shoulder Exercises

 If you're a female then you need to avoid certain Dangerous Shoulder Exercises. Exercises that involve the rotator cuff, the deltoid, and the triceps are dangerous because they work out these muscles and groups of muscles which are not designed for that sort of exertion and stress. Exercises like push-ups and sit-ups only work out the upper portion of your body and neglect the lower half. That is why many people end up with back problems later on in life from these types of exercises.

A lot of women don't know about these exercises. They know that there are basic bodyweight exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups that can be done to tone their muscles and get stronger. They don't know that they should be doing other things that would be safer for them and help keep their bodies in good shape. Dangerous Shoulder Exercises consist of exercises like the ones listed above. Some of these exercises are also called for other body parts than just the shoulders.

The most dangerous shoulder exercise is the Bench Press. This exercise should only be done by people who are strong enough to lift the weight without it coming off. You want to be careful when using the bench press because if you aren't strong enough to lift the weight then you could do physical injury. Other than this exercise the most dangerous shoulder exercise is the Wide Lever Push Up. This is when you use a machine instead of a free hand to do this exercise.

Other than chest exercises there are some other very important chest workouts that you should be doing. One great chest workout is the triceps extension over the chest fly. The most common mistake people make when doing this exercise is that they actually push their triceps towards their body instead of letting them go. When you do the triceps extension over the chest fly you will work out all of the major muscle groups in your chest.

Another great shoulder exercise is a chest press with a machine or a dumbbell. The reason why this exercise is so good for your shoulders is that you use more of your shoulders stabilizer muscles that help keep your shoulders tight. This exercise is also great because of the resistance it provides meaning that you will be strengthening all of the other smaller stabilizer muscles in addition to the big one.

Besides chest exercises, there are a few shoulder muscles that you should be focusing on. Two great shoulder muscles to work out are the deltoids and the triceps. These two muscles make up the big group of shoulder muscles. Working out these muscle groups with exercises like pull-ups and bent-over rows will give you a great full range of motion when doing your workouts. Some common bicep exercises that you can do are the flat dumbbell bicep curls and the incline dumbbell bicep curls. The flat bicep curls target the front deltoids and the incline dumbbell bicep curls target the rear deltoids.

Other exercises that you can do are wrist curls, tricep kickbacks, and even grip pulls-ups. Grip pulls-ups are great workouts for your triceps. With a regular grip, you will do five reps of ten seconds on each side before switching to a new grip. You can also do chin-ups by using a chair or an ordinary bar.

When looking for dangerous shoulder exercises don't forget that the lower back is important too. Lateral shoulder raises are great for strengthening the lower back. Side laterals are great for building strength on the side of your shoulders. A few very simple side laterals will do a lot for your upper back. A few more sets of lateral shoulder raise and chest flyes will give your upper body a good workout. Always make sure that you do all the required workouts for every part of your body so that you don't overdo it.