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Hot Tub Massage Business - A Luxury You Can Enjoy at Home

Public Bath Houses and Private Massage" is the new name for our popular Massage Therapy franchises. With a long-standing history as a trusted and respected therapist's resource, Massage Therapy now provides state-of-the-art facilities and services for corporate and personal clients. Our Massage Therapy franchises are committed to delivering personalized treatment plans and providing every member with the highest standards of service in the industry. Whether you need a full body or back massage, Shiatsu, or deep tissue, we have a Massage Therapy franchise to fit your needs.

Our mission is to offer superior health care to our clients through state-licensed massage therapy. Our Massage Therapy is unique because we combine the benefits of traditional massage therapies with the science and technology of our modern time. Our Massage Therapy franchises offer a variety of luxurious sauna baths, hot tubs, hydrotherapy spas, and other luxury treatments. Whether you need a full body or back massage, Shiatsu, or deep tissue, we have a Massage Therapy franchise to fit your needs.

The trend in corporate and personal business activities today is to provide employees with state-of-the-art working conditions. Many corporations have been creating in-house training facilities for their valued employees. Some employers have created an on-site steam room that can be used by employees on scheduled leave or as needed. Our franchise offers an extensive are ancient bath facility complete with a steam room, sauna baths, hot tubs, and full-body treatments.

Saunas are becoming more popular for wellness purposes. The sauna culture began in the Japanese culture centuries ago and has spread over the years to the Asian, Chinese and European regions. Westerners have adopted the aires ancient baths to improve health and well-being. Our Company prides itself on offering state-of-the-art saunas and massages to clients both in our franchised locations and our on-site franchise locations. Our franchised spa and hot tub dealers have an extensive library of exotic aires that will improve the quality of your life.

Massage therapy has been around for centuries, but today it is gaining popularity in Western society. Modern-day bathing areas are often equipped with two types of aires - a steam room and a sauna. Both can be enhanced by having a modern-day sauna. Our modern-day Bathhouses and Massage treatment centers feature both saunas and steam rooms.

Our modern-day times and bathhouses feature both saunas and steam rooms that can be customized to meet your individualized needs. Our saunas can be designed with any size and shape that you may need and are made from the finest quality materials available. Our saunas are fully air-conditioned and are surrounded by walls and security cameras for your personal protection. Our modern bathhouses and massaging treatments offer you the convenience of a steam room without the expense or inconvenience. Our aires and baths offer the same quality of care as our saunas at prices that won't empty your wallet.

In our franchisee's locations, our state-licensed massage practitioner will instruct you on the safety procedures to take place in the sauna or hot tub, as well as how to use the equipment and maintain it. Our masseuses are highly trained and knowledgeable on how to take care of your aires and baths. If you need some help, our licensed massage therapists are happy to provide tips and suggestions on using the different pieces of equipment. If you are worried about getting a tattoo or cutting yourself with the equipment, our masseuses will make sure that you feel comfortable in the sauna or hot tub. In addition, our trained therapists are aware of the proper techniques and will work closely with you to ensure that you have a wonderful experience.

Public Bath Houses and Massage Treatment Centers offer you the ability to enjoy a luxurious spa experience in your own home. Hot tubs or wet saunas are available for in-house use, or you can rent them out for parties and events. Our quality aires and massages can relax and revitalize you before heading out into a busy day. If you need a break after a long day, a soak in one of our luxurious hot tubs or wet saunas can help you get over that headache or sore neck and help you unwind. Our aires and baths are the perfect way to escape the stress of everyday life and relax comfortably in your own home.