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The Non-Swedish Origins of Swedish Massage


There are many people who are not aware of the non-Swedish origins of a Swedish massage. Some people are aware that this type of massage originated in northern Sweden, where the massage tradition has been a part of the culture for over five hundred years. Swedish massage therapy has been introduced to the West in the nineteenth century when it was used by the upper classes of European society. The Swedish massage originators were concerned with creating messages that were based on the highest standards of Swedish massage, and that also involved techniques that were not so "stiff".

In today's world, most of the massaging techniques that we use involve at least some rubbing. This is done with the help of a lubricant like a lotion or a cream, and it is then kneaded, cranked, or shaken to get the muscles and soft tissues worked on. All this rubbing and kneading create tension in the muscles, which helps to stretch them out. The theory is that when these muscles are stretched they will become more relaxed. Swedish massage, as a technique, uses techniques to get the muscles in a relaxing state before the stretching and the tension is applied.

So how did the massaging traditions of Sweden originate? The most likely scenario is that a man (or woman), who was living in the country of Sweden, started using this technique as a way to relieve stiffness and stress of their muscles. This man, most likely a spa therapist, would introduce this new and very interesting massaging technique to his clients, and slowly but surely the Swedish massage gained popularity in Western Europe.

Another possible origin of the technique is the fact that the skin of animals in Sweden was being shaved down. It is known that early on animals were only shaved on the face, back, legs and arms. This was done to keep the hair off of these sensitive parts of the body. Animals that were used for massaging were not only dogs or cats, but even birds, and these may have been the first pets of humans. The early humans who performed these massages may have done so because they wanted to relieve stress and keep their skin healthy.

Today, Swedish massages are used in many countries all over the world. Massage therapy in general is used to relieve muscle pain and stiffness, and also to help relax the body. Some of the reasons that people get massaged on a regular basis are to help relieve tension in the muscles and to help relieve skin disorders such as eczema and dry skin. Some people get their messages on a more regular basis than others, and it depends on many different factors. Some people get massages from professional therapists, and some just get them at a beauty salon or health spa.

The origin of Swedish massage has not been specifically pinpointed, but many believe that it can be traced to Finland. The term Swedish is a combination of two words, which are" Swede" and "massage." The word "Swedish" itself means "of the country of Sweden," but it can also mean "of the treating method of the Swedish people." This can lead people to assume that massaging in Sweden means the same thing as in America when what they really mean is that the treatment is performed in a very Swedish manner. However, the Swedish people themselves will tell you that their massage therapy is very individualized and that it may be something completely different than what most people would consider being Swedish.

Whether the origin of Swedish massage is really from Sweden or not, the practice has gained huge popularity in the US. Many spas have added it to their menus, and there are many Swedish massage therapists who travel all over the US to perform massages. The non-Swedish origins of Swedish massage therapy definitely lend it to the unique features and offerings of the Swedish type of massage, but many massage therapists have added their own special touch to the massaging Swedish techniques, creating their own unique brand of a Swedish massage.

Today, you have the option of getting a Swedish massage from a spa in your local area, or you can choose to have it done on your own at home. Massage therapy has many benefits, but it is especially beneficial to people with joint problems or pain. It can also be good for healing injuries, and for building up the immune system. It is even believed to help slow down the aging process. Either way, Swedish massage is something that people should try if they haven't already!