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Add Ice to the Glass and Have a Classic Cocktail

There are many drinks that have come and gone by the wayside, but none has come close to Old Fashioned as far as popularity goes. With its origins dating back to 18th century England, this drink has been enjoyed ever since by many and continues to be one of the most popular ones around. And while it's enjoyed by both men and women, it's a favorite among older folks and professionals alike. For those who love the good stuff, there are a number of drink benefits that Old Fashioned can provide.

The secret to the success behind old fashion is easy to trace back to the base ingredients that make up the base of the cocktail. Tradition, when making a drink, usually includes brandy or whiskey, but if you are from Wisconsin it's typically made with rye or even cognac. Either way, both of these base ingredients are sweetened with dashes of sugar.

Old Fashioned drinkers enjoy their drinks with ice in order to preserve the flavors and liqueurs. If you are making your drink at home, add ice to the concoction about a half hour before you plan on serving it. If you are at a bar, add ice to your Old Fashioned at the last minute so that you have ice cubes ready when the drink is served. By using ice, you will not only enhance the drink's flavor but also minimize the chances of it melting off into thin slushy layers.

One of the hallmarks of Old Fashioned is its relative sweetness. Many bartenders use either fresh strawberries or a mix of strawberries and creme to create the most authentic taste. If you want to add some more sweetness to your Old Fashioned, try putting a dash of cognac or rum into the drink for a bit of sweetness and a little kick. Don't be afraid to experiment; you never know what kind of a blend you can come up with.

Old Fashioneds are naturally high in alcohol, which explains why they are so popular at bars. However, mixing alcohol and caffeine does not help much, so consider using other ingredients to boost the alcohol content of your drink. If you wish to add some punch to your drink, simply add a spritzer or two. An array of different liqueurs is also a great Old Fashioned ingredient. Ask your bartender for recommendations and do some research online; there are many recipes online that combine different liqueurs and create a very interesting and flavorful Old Fashioned.

If you are thinking of making an Old Fashioned to a tropical island, consider incorporating an orange. The citrusy scent of the orange will cut through the spices and liqueurs of the Old Fashioned and really get the taste buds going. You can take your Old Fashioned to a beach resort and create a wonderfully personalized cocktail with just a few additions: peaches, strawberries, and ice. If you are feeling adventurous, consider replacing the orange in your Old Fashioned with pomegranate instead; the seeds of this fruit are very similar to the skin of an orange and produce a lovely fresh flavor that is quite similar to a Pimm's. You can also substitute orange juice for the Pimm's and enjoy a delicious cocktail made from frozen concentrate that is not only good tasting but also extremely refreshing!

Of course, you cannot drink Old Fashioned alone without a sweetener. Luckily, many bartenders have learned how to make a perfect Old Fashioned with a wide range of sugar substitutes. Just remember to use at least 2 teaspoons of white sugar. White sugar is often less fattening than brown sugar, and it will cut the number of calories you put into the drink--which means that you will likely be able to squeeze out more Old Fashioned drinks. If you enjoy drinking cocktails with a touch of sweetness, a dessert of soda water and some sugar-free cake is the perfect solution.

Old Fashioned is a great drink for parties, especially when you serve Old Fashioned shaken or frozen. To really make the drink into an Old Fashioned cocktail, simply add ice, shake, and pour a little bit of alcohol into the glass. This will turn the drink into an Old Fashioned Manhattan.