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Dark & Stormy - A Cocktail That Makes Your Guests Jittery

A Dark & Stormy (also known as the Big Apple) is a heavy ball cocktail designed to be served over ice in just a short time. It features a generous helping of rum, ginger ale, lemonade, and a wedge of lemon. Simple syrup and lime juice are often added. This drink is similar to the Moscow mule but the Dark and Stormy use dark rum rather than vodka.

In fact, it is not uncommon to see the Big Apple featured on TV ads for this cocktail. The drink was inspired by the drink called Russian cocktail which originates from the Soviet Union. The recipe for this cocktail calls for equal parts of brandy (made without sugar) and lime juice. The recipe also calls for cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, and ginger ale. Mixing the ingredients together and resting the mixture over ice makes the dark liquid.

The Dark & Stormy can be a great companion for any cocktail. However, it should not be confused with the Manhattan, which is a lighter cocktail. The Dark & Stormy should be enjoyed with some orange juice. Other ingredients that can add some flavor to this drink include mints, cherries, and kiwi pearls.

If you are having it over ice then the Dark & Stormy can be enjoyed. One easy way to make this cocktail in a blender is to add one-half ounce of simple syrup to one pint of ice. Strain over ice and serve. The simple syrup can help to add some "coolness" to your cocktail. If you are serving it over ice, then you may want to consider making a triple sec cup or using three spoons of ice instead.

The Dark & Stormy also work well as an accompaniment to another drink. For example, if you are having a Manhattan, then the Dark & Stormy make a great accompaniment. You could make a Manhattan flavored with ginger ale or lemonade. Then top your Manhattan with the dark & stormy. If you have some mint in your fridge then you could also garnish your Manhattan with some fresh mint leaves. If you serve this cocktail with soda water, then you could cut the lemon wedge in half and garnish with the same.

For inspiration on how to make this perfect storm, try to think about the ingredients that go into a good storm. For starters, what do you need to accompany it? Most of them include the following: gin, lemonade, soda, fresh ginger beer, milk, ice, and simple syrup. To be absolutely authentic, you might also want to add a squeeze of white rum or brandy. The important thing is to have a lot of fun and try different things! This way you will end up with an original cocktail that will have your guests talking for weeks to come about the wonderful cocktails you have created at home.

There are many recipes online that you can try. One very good recipe calls for 2 ounces of dark rum, three ounces of ice, three and a half ounces of ginger ale or lemonade, and a cup of red wine. You just have to adjust the ingredients to suit your taste buds. For example, if you are not a fan of red wine, then use white wine. If you are a ginger beer fan, then use Bermuda tea.

Once you have made your cocktail, you can either add some ice to make it easier to stir or enjoy the beautiful sight of the swirling contents as they swirl around the glass. After the ingredients are mixed, stir very gently to combine the ingredients. When the mixture is done, simply place it in your glasses, add some soda water (not pop rocks) and enjoy!