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Does Having an Acne Fetish Hurt?

An Acne Fetish is No Laughing Matter... Or is it? It's easy to see the funny side of the story when you realize that, for a lot of women (and some men), it's not just a case of blackheads and whiteheads, or pimples and zits. Acne, it turns out, is not merely a skin condition that manifests itself in clogged pores and pimples. Yes, acne is skin-deep and it manifests itself in those telltale pimples. The real Acne Fetish, though, is really a much more serious problem. Let's look at it in that light.

The first thing that I want to talk about in this article, as briefly as I can, is the fact that the existence of acne is by no means necessarily upsetting. It might make you uncomfortable to think about but it's an understandable reaction. You don't want to think that other people are enjoying your misfortune, but in all honesty, your misery is their problem. In addition, it's really not your fault that they're suffering, even if they might be ignoring your outburst of zits, whiteheads, and bumps - the world is full of annoying people, and you've got absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

On the other hand, there is something to be said for dealing with acne as a problem. There are many ways to deal with it, although many rely on prescription drugs or messy, expensive procedures such as dermabrasion, filler injections, and even laser treatments. There is also the alternative, which is neither an option nor a risk: natural remedies. You may have noticed that I don't say 'your' skin condition - I'm referring to your problems. So an Acne Fetish is no laughing matter.

If you think this could be funny, wait until you see some of the outcomes that your treatment can produce. Let's face it, many acne treatments can cause serious side effects. Side effects that can be more than just uncomfortable. Serious, even life-threatening problems can include birth defects and irreparable damage to the skin's health.

You don't need a dermatologist to prescribe pills, creams, or potions either. In fact, you can treat acne breakouts using everyday items you probably already have in your kitchen, such as lemon, garlic, tea tree oil, turmeric, and chamomile. An Acne Fetish is a No Laughing Matter if you want to keep yourself out of serious danger. Fish oil, chamomile, and lemon are particularly beneficial because they're rich in omega-3 fatty acids, essential nutrients, and vitamins A, E and B complex.

Let's look at a real-life example. I get plenty of emails from readers who have used essential oils to clear up breakouts. One person sent me a link to an article about spending less time self-critiquing. I'm not a big fan of dwelling on flaws, but sometimes it's necessary to remind oneself that we aren't perfect. In this case, the person's acne was related to his hormone level, which was out of balance because he was going through some tough times.

Now then, back to that question in the title. "Does having an acne fetish hurt?" No, not directly. However, there are certain conditions where dwelling on negative flaws can lead to depression and anxiety.

It may feel like a sin to dwell on a past issue when you're trying to achieve a clear skin future. But there are times when we must broach uncomfortable topics. An Acne Fetish is No Laughing Matter because while it may be easy to laugh off an acne fetish with jokes like, "I don't have that problem, it's just a zit," it can lead to serious health issues down the line. It can cause you to start internalizing your problems and become obsessed with getting rid of zits once and for all.