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Has Long Island Iced Tea at Your Next Gathering

Okay, so understandably, many people think of tea in the traditional, old-fashioned sense. But there can be nothing better, in my opinion, than a delicious, loose leaf tea like Long Island Tea. In fact, what makes this tea so special is the fact that it has only the best leaves, taken from the single estate oolong plantations, which are grown in China. Then, it undergoes a painstaking process - as described in the manual of the original plantation's master - to make only the very best brew possible.

So, what is Long Island Iced Tea? And, more importantly, how can you prepare and drink this incredible tea? (You really ought to try some.) This article will begin by exploring what makes Long Island Iced Tea so special, and then diving into its ingredients and its history.

It has only been recently that the world's greatest tea houses have started selling this unique blend. The Long Island ice tea recipe, as described by its manufacturer, was originally intended for the Japanese market. As a result, the Japanese were not the first to use the calorie count for tea. This drink was first introduced to the western world by its American distributor, Don Juans. He discovered that Japanese people often save about five hundred calories in their daily tea drinking, so he decided to introduce this to the world.

To create the best long island iced tea possible, the recipe called for eight ounces of sweetened black tea, three ounces of freshly squeezed lemon juice, two cups of delicious dark roast coffee, and two teaspoons of sugar. You should also add an equal amount of brandy or liqueur. All these ingredients are combined in a large stainless steel pot and placed in a warm place. Over low heat, this mixture sits and brews for up to twenty-four hours. When it is done, the mixture can easily be poured into beautiful glasses and served immediately.

As far as the ingredients go, there is a wide range of them, depending on whether you want to drink just a single, two, or a three-cup drink. At first, glance, making long island iced tea might seem relatively simple, but you would be surprised at how many variations there are! For instance, there is a version made with just three ingredients, but one of them has to be refrigerated overnight because ice requires thickening. One of the best things about this drink is that it is fairly simple to make, which means that you don't need to spend much time on it.

In addition to the above drinks, there are also many other options to satisfy your tastes. A simple version of this drink makes use of rum, gin, cranberry juice, lemon juice, soda, ice, and honey to make a simple and sweet cocktail. There are also several different ways to serve long island iced tea, but none of them are as unique as having the guests mix up glasses of ice with rum or gin. It is also possible to purchase premade mixers that mix all the ingredients for you.

Another popular variation of the old man cocktail is to simply replace the gin or vodka with brandy. This way, the drink is still elegant, but you add something that is uniquely Long Island. If you want to get more complex, think about mixing equal parts of cognac, brandy, and orange juice, and serving it over ice in a copper mug.

Most of the alcoholic beverages mentioned above are made using spirits from the finest distilleries in the world. Not only does this mean that the quality is outstanding, but it also means that you are getting something that is made using the freshest ingredients and without any chemicals. If you are planning a party or event, you might want to consider making some Long Island Iced Tea offer to your guests. It is easy to find different mixes online and it tastes great.