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Having A Sweet Tooth May Not Help Your Acne

There is a lot of controversy going on about whether having a sweet tooth can affect your acne breakouts. I am going to have a little fun with you today and explore the topic of sweet tooth and acne. As a female, I have had issues with my acne ever since I was a teenager. I am here to tell you that it does in fact impact your acne breakouts in a negative way.

One of the biggest causes of acne is sugar. In today's society, we are constantly being told to eat healthily and reduce our intake of sugar. However, this is hard to do for many of us because of the amount of sugar available in the diet. Sugar is the primary source of carbohydrates and these carbohydrates are metabolized by the body. When you eat a lot of carbohydrates, your insulin levels shoot up. Insulin is needed to store fat for future use and deal with the effects of glucose in your bloodstream.

Having too much insulin in your bloodstream can lead to the overproduction of oil in your body. Oil is a substance produced by bacteria and when your blood contains too much insulin, more oil is produced which leads to acne. If this is the case, you should try to cut down on the number of carbohydrates you take in. You may also want to take a natural sugar substitute to help regulate your blood sugar levels.

So, having a sweet tooth does affect acne? Does it contribute to more acne-causing bacteria? The answer to that question is no. While having a sweet tooth may contribute to more bacteria building up in your mouth, this is not a cause of more acne.

Sweets have carbohydrates. This is a good thing as our bodies need carbohydrates to fuel our muscles and our brain. However, we must watch our sugar intake and not take in too much. Too much sugar may be what causes acne as the excess sugar feeds the bacteria that cause pimples. This is true because many scientists believe that hormonal changes may also play a role in the production of bacteria and maybe what triggers acne flare-ups.

Many experts believe that having a sweet tooth may be helpful in regulating your blood sugar levels and may contribute to your acne problem. They believe that the sweetness of many sweet foods may trigger the release of insulin in the pancreas that stimulates bacteria to overgrow. Since the bacteria are usually known to produce by-products that can cause inflammation and damage to the skin, they may also cause acne. For example, research has shown that certain types of bacteria cause nodules and cysts on the skin. These bacteria grow in the presence of sugar and may exacerbate acne breakouts if they are present.

It is not uncommon for an individual with acne to suffer from inflammation and irritation around the mouth and nearby oral cavity. Sweeteners have been linked to these problems because of the presence of glucose and fructose, which are derived from refined sugars. The presence of bacteria and sugar may cause irritation leading to pustules and papules on the skin. These lesions can become infected and lead to nodules, cysts and/or cystitis.

If you suffer from acne or pimples, it is not a good idea to indulge in a sweet tooth. Eating too much sugar may cause insulin resistance, which is one of the contributing factors to acne. The hormone insulin plays many roles in the body and contributes to growth, metabolism, fluid balance, blood pressure, etc. If you do not want to add to your acne problem, you should limit the number of sugary foods that you consume.