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How to Make a Pimm's Cup

One of the greatest inventions of the cocktail hour is the Pimm's Cup. For nearly one hundred years, bartenders have been mixing cold beverages. When it was first introduced, it was called the Claret Punch and soon became known as the Pimm's Cup. Distilled lemonade was first used in the early 1900s in England and soon it was adopted by American bartenders. Today there are many variations on the classic drink. Here is a look at some of the more popular versions.

The Pimm's Cup has been modified many times over the years. Traditionally, the ingredients were a mix of limes, sugar, ice, ginger ale, water, brandy or cognac, and I'm. If you want your New Orleans cocktail to have a touch of old-world flavor, use fresh Pimm's and leave out the ice. Or, as an easy replacement for soda, you could simply give the beverage some fizz using a lemon juice sprit or bottled still lemon juice with a twist of lime.

Red or pink Margarita Mix a shot of tequila (or other dark liquors) with three to four ounces of triple sec, rum, or cognac. Stir in a small pitcher of pink or red juices and strain into a container. Add a generous serving of Pimm's for the garnish. Serve this cocktail with a squeeze of fresh lime juice over ice in a glass. If you want a frozen drink for a lunchtime cocktail, use frozen fruit slices and place them in individual plastic zip-bags.

Highball Dishes The best thing about highball cocktails is that there is a lot of variety. You can make them with just about anything you want as long as it has "proof" - alcohol. Most bartenders will know if a recipe calls for vodka, rum, gin, triple sec, Cointreau, brandy, or tumbler of soda by reading it out on the back of the container. This is good practice because you can always add more ingredients later if necessary. If you're going to serve in highball cocktails at a holiday party or another special occasion, remember to keep things simple by using a simple base drink, mixing in some simple sugar, orange or lemon juice, and mint, and topping with your favorite spices or flavorings.

Frozen drink popsicles are great for creating the Pimm's Cup cocktail. Combine two frozen drink mixes (your choice) in a glass zip bag, then add a small amount of ice and shake thoroughly. After the ice is frozen, pour in one of your favorite cocktail flavors and cover the glass with a slice of lemon. When serving, remember to remove the lemon slice before it starts to melt and the drink is ready to enjoy!

Preparing a Pimm's Cup isn't nearly as difficult as it might sound. It's actually quite easy. The main ingredients are a fresh mixed drink mix and enough sugar to fill the cup; usually, about two teaspoons are suitable. Also, remember to add a small amount of time's cream cheese to the bottom of each drink cup.

One easy way to make your Pimm's Cups taste like a true cocktail is to substitute simple syrup for simple syrup. Simply mix together one tablespoon of simple syrup with two to three ounces of cold water in a spray bottle and use to dip your cocktail into. This makes the Pimm's taste like lemon juice and sugar. A more elegant method of preparing your Pimm's is to use an old-fashioned teaspoon and coat with a bit of cooking oil and shake until the mixture coats the spoon. This creates a rich, smooth consistency that coats the exterior of the drinks and allows them to taste like cream.

In order to make a perfect Pimm's, you'll need a simple syrup made from only sugar and water, a clean mixing bowl, and I'm, of course. Add the mixing bowl to the simple syrup and pour the contents into one of the cups. Stir until all of the ingredients are well blended. Then place into the fridge to set, and wait for them to cool down for about an hour.