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Jungle Bird Drinks - How To Create The Perfect Jundling

If you've ever had a chance to taste the unique, slightly sour flavor of Juniper Bird, you know that it is not just an ordinary recipe. While this popular beverage may be a familiar name for many people, few of them know that this delicious drink can actually be traced back to our caveman days. Our caveman ancestors enjoyed (and still do) the delicious drink made from the leaves and twigs of the Juniper berry tree, as well as the sweetly spiced juniper mix that gives it its unique flavor. For these reasons, the Juniper Bird recipe is still alive and kicking in modern-day kitchens.

The Juniper Bird recipe is very easy to make, even easier than many common recipes. All it requires is some berries, some cane sugar, a little lemon juice, and a bit of TLC. You can add ingredients to the cocktail base one you've chosen, or you can use ingredients randomly to create your own unique tropical drink. When serving, it's best to serve a chilled tropical drink, rather than a hot one.

The most common ingredients for Jungle Bird are fresh, raw fruit, mixed with a bit of water or orange juice. My parents always included fresh pineapple leaves in their concoction, along with the occasional banana and lime juice. The more interesting (and possibly foreign-sounding) ingredients include cinnamon sticks, dried ginger, powdered sugar, and small amounts of coconut milk and vanilla. The amount you add depends on your taste, but I personally prefer a teaspoon or two added to every glass. Adding a bit of extra ice can help cool the concoction down a bit, especially if you're enjoying it in a larger glass.

To get started, stir one cup of Jungle Bird juice or fresh pineapple leaves into a shot glass. Add the orange or lime juice, a few dill sprigs, and some salt. Stir until the fruit is well mixed. The salt creates a slight thickness, and the coconut milk and vanilla give the drink a sweet but not overwhelming flavor. Add a couple of generous tablespoons of the fresh jungle bird berries into the mix for that extra bit of sweetness.

Since this recipe is all about the "perks and plums" of the fruit, you may find it difficult to finish your cocktail without a little dessert. To expand the tropical drink experience, try making a chocolate version of the Jungle Bird. For simplicity, use semi-sweet unsweetened cocoa powder, along with three to four fresh, ripe bananas. You can toast the banana slices with a tablespoon of natural oil, or pour them over a wooden bowl filled with semi-sweet confectionery. Let the chocolate cure for about an hour, then add a few pieces of chocolate-covered cream balls and serve with a piece of ice cream.

If you are having trouble coming up with interesting new combinations for your Jungle Bird recipe, try experimenting with the other exotic fruits in the tropics. Experiment with aviary bars and exotic juices like tangy mango, papaya, or passion fruit. You could also go with a very simple recipe using just vanilla vodka, some sugar, and water. You may even want to try adding a little rum or brandy into the mix if you can't locate brandy in the wild.

If you aren't very good at coming up with new Jungle Bird drinks ideas, try to spice up the old standby a bit. Try adding a touch of guava to the Jungle Bird recipe, or substitute the traditional orange or lime juice with a more exotic variety like the Hawaiian Mandarina. A little rum or brandy added to the drink will also be quite tasty. Try spicing up a Jungle Bird recipe with cranberry juice instead of lime juice, or a recipe using simple syrup (sugar-free is always a good idea) instead of orange juice. Both of these drinks will have your guests talking for days about how good their Jundles are!

Most people who make Jundles usually add ample helping of the juices and spices that are normally used to give Jundles their distinct flavor. It is easy to add ingredients to your cocktail in order to make them more interesting, but don't go overboard. Bundles are meant to be simple and refreshing, and they do not need to be changed just to make them different. Make sure that your guests always have Jundles available whenever they wish to have a drink, especially when camping. And, as long as you serve your Jundles right, they will keep coming back for more!