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Sports Massage Therapy And Its Benefits For Many Athletes

Sports Massage is the solution to physical and mental well-being for an active athlete before, during and even after a workout. For many decades, the Western world has mostly rejected the idea that a relaxing process as pleasurable and, indeed, physical as massage can have an important therapeutic effect on the body. This is in spite of the many documented health benefits of massage, especially when it is applied in the right way. Unfortunately, when it comes to sports massages, most athletes still regard them as just a tad bit of trouble.

One reason why this is so may lie in the fact that most athletes are highly motivated to win and feel in their best shape to do so. Therefore, there is an inherent danger in overdoing the exercise. Too much cardiovascular exercise can actually be harmful to the heart, although most sports massage techniques don't involve strenuous exercising of the upper body. Instead, most athletes receive their relaxing treatment in the shoulders and back areas where muscles are tightest and blood flow is most restricted. Done the right way, this form of physical therapy can have very positive results.

Aside from the health benefits of a sports massage, it also allows for a deeper therapeutic experience that is beyond simply tightening and relaxing tight muscles. When done properly, it releases the stress built up in the muscles, as well as the tension that is located in the nerves. This enables the muscles to heal faster and return to a more normal state. A regular sports massage therapist should be able to identify tense and troublesome muscles, then stretch and loosen them, allowing the tension to slip away.

This is important because, after a tough workout or long day at work, a post-exercise treatment will not be able to take hold if muscles are stiff and sore. As mentioned before, this form of therapy is not only beneficial for athletes, but also for patients recovering from injuries and those with chronic conditions. The benefits of receiving a regular massage go far beyond pain relief, however. Sports massage has been shown to increase flexibility, reduce muscle spasms, and improve circulation. All of these things are vital to an athlete who is trying to avoid any possible injury.

Many sports massage therapists have developed a special kind of exercise that is perfect for athletes. Known as deep heat massage, this type of massage uses slow, deep strokes that require both the hands and the forearms to be motionless. Because this is a technique not commonly used by most therapists, it can be quite difficult to locate a good one, so it is important to ask around for references or recommendations before committing to one therapist. If a therapist is willing to offer a recommendation, this greatly increases the chances of getting a quality post-exercise massage.

After a thorough pre-treatment analysis, a sports massage therapist will usually start working on the muscles using gentle movements and techniques. Working with the patient's own body weight, the therapist will apply appropriate pressure depending on the condition of the individual muscle group. There are two types of motions commonly used in sports massage; firm and soft. Soft movements tend to be more effective on injured or stiffer muscles.

A good therapist should be able to determine what kind of motion is most beneficial for the patient. For many athletes, the firm is better since they are not used to much movement. They may experience slight discomfort during the first few sessions, but this is normal. After a few months of therapy, most people find that their muscles are less stiff and that soreness is lessened. In addition, it can also help to improve circulation, making blood flow more effective in the area.

There are many other benefits of getting a regular sports massage. It can help increase flexibility by loosening up tight muscles. It can also reduce stress by reducing mental and emotional tension. However, it is important to talk to your therapist about any injuries or other issues before starting therapy. Many therapists also encourage their patients to incorporate exercise into their sports massage therapy program.