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The Manhattan

For almost two centuries now, Manhattan has been crowned the King of Cocktail. Consuming that many spirits in one glass, this drink has gained popularity among American drinkers. In fact, according to American Heritage Dictionary, there are only four drinks that have taken the top spot among American favorites - they are called Manhattan, the Manhattan bubble, Manhattan cocktail, Manhattan dry, and Manhattan sprit.

Before the birth of bartending schools like the Manhattan Academy of bartending, Manhattan was originally created as a simpler recipe. A Manhattan is simply a cocktail prepared with straight whiskey, vermouth, sugar, lemon juice, and ginger ale. While straight whiskey is the original recipe, other most commonly used drinks include Canadian whiskey, bourbon, Blended whiskey, and Tennessee whiskey among many others. The process of making Manhattan involves several recipes, some of which are explained below.

First of all, the ingredients needed to prepare a Manhattan are scotch, gin, amaretto, ice, lemonade, cherry brandy, and water. After stirring the ingredients together for at least two minutes, a single shaker glass is made and poured into the glass. Then, a single finger of the cocktail shaker is dipped into the mixture and shaken until the vermouth begins to strain from the glass. About a quarter of a cup of the mixture must be added to the glass before it is finished shaking.

If the Manhattan tastes too sweet, the garnish can be a simple piece of sugar or a lollipop. If it is not sweet enough, the garnish can be something simple such as a lemon peel. One of the most popular garnishes is an actual Manhattan. When using this drink as a cocktail, the garnish is actually optional, however, the Manhattan aficionados tend to use them.

The Manhattan Cocktail can be spiced up by placing a sprig of dried flowers in the drink. To do this, simply take three fresh flower sprigs and wrap each one around one of the ends of the Manhattan. The flowers will prevent Manhattan from becoming dull and not having its unique flavor. To make the flowers even more authentic, drizzle them with some old-fashioned chocolate. For the Manhattan to become more delicious, substitute a teaspoon of molasses for the flowers or even ginger for a fancier version.

Many people have enjoyed the original drink that was created during prohibition in Chicago, known as the "Manhattan". Since many different variations of the Manhattan have emerged over the years, many people are now trying to recreate the old-fashioned flavor of this cocktail. Many recipes for Manhattan come from the era of the late 1800s when the drink was originally created. Ingredients such as ginger ale, whiskey, lemonade, and cranberry juice were used to create a luscious Manhattan. In today's world, many of the ingredients used in old-fashioned Manhattans no longer exist, but they do make Manhattan that much more delicious.

One of the best things about this drink is that it can be made to resemble many of the classic cocktails that have been made over the years. An easy way to get a great Manhattan is to replace the dry lemon juice with fresh lemon juice. This makes a Manhattan that tastes just like the classic Manhattan. Adding a little bit of ice, simple syrup, and a little bit of ice cream makes a Manhattan that is even more amazing. A Manhattan can also be spiced up by replacing the simple syrup with Bailey's Irish Cream or Grand Marnier.

If you are looking for something a little different, rye whiskey can be a good choice. The rye whiskey can be used to create a Manhattan that has a hint of bitterness, much like the drink had in the past. The rye whiskey can be added to a simple syrup recipe that already includes a bit of ice and simple syrup. You can then use the entire mixture to create an incredible Manhattan. The taste of the Manhattan is much sweeter than the dry vermouth, but it still has the same intensity of flavor as the classic Manhattan.