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What Are The Health Benefits Of Ocean Spray?

Ocean Spray was a small corporation founded by an enterprising individual in 1976. John White was a former pharmaceutical salesman. He had discovered a new chemical that made the grapes grow faster and decided to market the natural product to people interested in growing their own grapes.

Ocean Spray was initially a nutritional supplement manufacturer specializing in a very special kind of fruit. The fruit itself was called the superfine berry. Its skin was very thin and it had a bluish tint. Because it contained lots of antioxidants, John White knew that this was a natural product with many health benefits.

Ocean Spray decided to make a natural health product out of the fruit. It created a number of different beverages that were made from the dried cranberries that were used as the main ingredient. At first, the only way anyone could get their hands on the product was to buy the fruit and then drink the beverages within 24 hours. Today, you can get Ocean Spray products in a number of different forms including tea, smoothies, juices, ice cream, and so much more. In addition to the health benefits associated with the dried cranberries, the product is also high in taste.

While the ocean spray cranberry juice is one of the most popular products Ocean Spray has developed, it does not stop there. It also developed an energy drink called Blueberry Blast that aids digestion. You can find it in a number of different stores, including Target, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Circuit City, and so many other stores carry it.

One of the health benefits of the product that the company continues to work on is that it helps prevent urinary tract infections. Since the product includes cranberries it may help fight off infection. The cranberries aid in fighting infections by stimulating the immune system. While there is no evidence of cranberries being effective against urinary tract infections, many people swear by the juice and the healing properties it contains.

The cranberry fruit also offers a number of health benefits for those who are trying to eat a healthy diet. Studies have shown that cranberry helps to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Along with this, it has been proven that drinking one glass of ocean spray cranberry juice each day helps to boost a persons' metabolism. When a persons' metabolism is boosted, it will increase their energy level which can increase their overall health.

Ocean Spray also developed energy and a digestive supplement called Ocean Mist. This is a digestive tonic designed to give you energy during the day, improve your digestive system, and will also help to improve your digestive functions. This nutritional supplement comes in a number of different flavors including cranberry apple, blueberry apple, grapefruit, and lemon. While the mineral and dietary fiber from Ocean Spray contribute to its overall effectiveness, the other components may also help to boost the product's effectiveness. Ocean mist contains ginseng, fennel seed, hedera helix ivy, Japanese pagoda flower, hedera helix ivy, and dandelion root.

The minerals and dietary fiber in Ocean Spray help to make it a powerful multi-nutritional supplement. These health benefits are the result of the antioxidants included in the formula. Research has shown that the benefits of antioxidants in Ocean Spray exceed those of any other antioxidant currently on the market. While there has yet to be clinical testing conducted comparing the amounts of antioxidants found in Ocean Spray to those found in supplemental products, the limited research available shows a great deal of promise for the supplement's ability to provide antioxidant protection.