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Why Digestion Enzymes Are Vital To Good Health!

Why do we need digestive enzymes? These little proteins are what break down the food that we eat and make their nutrients. Without them, our bodies cannot absorb nutrients properly or use the nutrients available for energy. Digestive enzymes are the catalysts that help our digestive systems break down foods and absorb their nutrients. These enzymes will also aid in our immune systems, which may be weakened or compromised due to disease, parasites, poisons, and other toxins that our bodies cannot properly handle.

Why is it important to our overall health? By having a healthy digestive system, we allow our body to function at its optimum level. Our body needs at least eight units of enzyme per gram of body weight in order to function properly. Without them, we become malnourished, dehydrated, and our immune systems become weakened. Our body can become unhealthy by either not having enough enzymes or eating the wrong foods which destroy our intestinal lining and prevent the absorption of necessary nutrients.

So what kinds of health problems can we expect if we do not consume enough enzyme supplements? A few examples are Fatigue, Soreness, Injury, Constipation, Diarrhea, and Skin conditions. This leaves some wondering if their enzyme supplements will leave them feeling worse. This is simply not true, as any supplement can improve your health if taken in moderation. Also, remember that these effects are temporary while you take the recommended amount.

Digestive enzymes play a very big role in maintaining health. The average human body only requires about 4 units of enzyme per pound of lean body mass. This means that an individual who weighs two hundred pounds should not require supplements. People who require the use of these products should consult with their doctors first. They can then decide if they are healthy enough to take the required daily dose.

Enzymes found in raw fruits and vegetables are more potent than those found in other foods. This is due to the presence of plant chemical compounds known as polyphenols in these foods. Plant enzymes react with oxygen and carbon dioxide in the digestive tract. When they interact, the end result is the production of mucin, a substance that coats the intestinal walls and prevents them from becoming damaged. Damage to the intestinal walls results in ulceration, a condition that can lead to severe bleeding and a life-threatening infection known as peptic ulcers.

Why do we need digestive enzymes anyway? A healthy and balanced digestive system is essential to a proper weight loss, proper digestion, a healthy body and good health! Eating healthy and nutritious foods is a sure way to achieve this. The foods we eat affect the production of pepsin and gastric juice. These juices help to break down proteins found in our foods, and thus encourage weight loss and proper digestion!

Why don't we just start eating natural whole foods that provide the right enzymes for our body? We don't. There is no shortage of natural foods. The problem is the processing of these foods. Enzymes are found on the surface of many processed foods.

The average person just doesn't have the time to process all of these foods so they buy processed ones. This is not healthy! Enzymes will stimulate the body's digestive system and help it to heal itself. That is why enzymes are vital to a healthy and balanced digestive system!

How can I get enough digestive enzymes? There are a number of ways. Enzymes can be taken naturally, either as supplements or food rich in enzymes can be chewed or eaten to enhance saliva production to aid in digestion. Another option is to use a digestive enzyme supplement. This is a great way to get the full benefits of digestive enzymes. A good-quality supplement should contain both bacterial and enzyme probiotics.

Can a supplement replace the enzymes I produce on my own? Of course, they can! The best supplements will provide both enzymes and good bacteria to your body. Remember that a healthy and functioning system plays a huge role in maintaining your health. Why would you want to take a supplement that may destroy some of the good bacteria that are already in your system!

Can a supplement make up for what I eat and drink? Yes! A good supplement will supply necessary digestive enzymes as well as probiotics and other important components to your diet. They can easily be found at any health food store. Why not give yourself the chance to enjoy a higher quality of life by taking supplements that will give your body everything it needs to function at its very best!