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Listen to Your Heart and Follow Your Intuition

The most powerful idiom, commonly associated with Buddhist philosophies, is an important piece of wisdom for everyday life. But what does it actually mean? In this short article, I will provide the best to explain exactly what it means to listen to where your heart leads you. Listen to your heart, because in doing so, you will discover a heart of gold, a golden ear that never stops ringing.

The first step toward developing mindfulness is to realize that you are living in the moment. Your inner emotions and thoughts are transient and transitory. They are neither good nor bad, and neither should be avoided nor pursued. They are simply a reflection of your true state of being. Your thoughts and emotions are a daily reminder of your past experiences and your current state of being. If you are in the midst of making critical decisions or are otherwise experiencing intense emotions, these emotions and thoughts will serve as a constant reminder of all that is negative about your current situation.

If you try to listen to your heart when your emotions are leading you astray, you will discover that what you thought you wanted or what you were led to believe was not necessarily true. The truth is often much closer than you might imagine. This is especially true if you listen to your intuition rather than your logic. Often, your instincts lead you to connect what you are feeling with what you think you want. In other words, what you feel is really what you attract.

Listen to your inner voice instead of your logic. People often say that your inner voice is your best friend but it can also be your worst enemy. Listen to your intuition, because that is your guide and your intuition is your link to the vast mystery of life. Listen to your inner heart because that is where your real connection to yourself, to your higher self, comes from.

Your heart chimes at the slightest disruption in your day-to-day routine. It may be the sound of someone chewing gum, the creaking of a doorjamb, or the thrill of a dog's vocal cords. Sometimes you will notice a subtle connection and other times it will be an immediate intuitive connection. Listen to your heart, because your heart has a language all its own and those who do not hear the language of their heart often do not speak at all. Listen to your gut feeling because your gut has all the information your brain needs to make good decisions.

If you can hear your heart and truly pay attention to it, you will then know what is truly important to you. Then you can create a plan for obtaining what you really want. Listen to your intuition, because your inner voice is connected to your subconscious mind and if you are following its guidance, then the information you need is being delivered to you on a continuous basis. Listen to your heart and nourish it with your genuine feelings.

Listen to your intuition, because if you ignore your intuition and trust your inner voice, then you will always find yourself doing something that contradicts what you want to do. You must learn to listen to your inner being or else your behavior will always be at odds with your desires. Listen to your intuition, because once you learn to tune into your inner being, you will become more receptive to what your intuitive voice is saying. Your intuition will point out things in your life that will bring about greater success for you.

There is one thing to remember when following your intuition - the logic goes with it. You follow logic because logic supports your desires. If you ignore logic, then you will never achieve anything. Listen to your heart and obey it will lead you down a path of success no matter how many mountains you have to climb. Listen to your intuition, because if you do, then success will surely be closer than you think.