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The 5 Secrets to Get Bigger Pushups

Are you looking for some sexy arm workouts? The secret is simple - it's all about the exercise. In this article, I'm going to share one sexy, effective, and easy way to target your triceps with resistance. It doesn't matter what body part you're trying to tone or build up - it can be done! So get out there, lace up your shoes, and go for a killer workout! Here's one sexy workout that'll really target those triceps:

Front Lateral Raises - (aka. Declined Barbell Front Lateral Raises) This exercise is great because it requires almost no weight. All you need is a barbell and a spotter. Just find a comfortable spot to hold the barbell (bench press style). Then just bring the bar back down to your side and front to back, slowly lowering the weight back to your original starting position.

This exercise targets the biceps, forearms, and triceps. You'll notice that the arms don't move up while you're doing it - that's because they're being held straight up by the weight. If you would normally hold a dumbbell in your hands with your arms parallel to the floor, then you're doing it correctly. To test this out, just try to bring the weight back down to your side without your arms following.

Another one of my favorites in weight training for the chest is pushups. Now, if you're not a fan of this exercise (I couldn't handle them at first), then I highly recommend taking a yoga or meditation class. Otherwise, these are tough guys to start with. So how do you do them?

Dumbbell Flys - this one goes right back to what I talked about earlier. I love when I can catch my breath between sets because this is one of the best ways to calm myself down. To perform this exercise, bring both dumbbells straight up to your sides with your arms facing each other. Now grip the handles of one with your palms facing each other. Then just lean back as far as you can, tilting your head towards the ceiling. This will target and isolate the upper chest muscles you've been working on.

One thing you'll notice when you're doing these is that the lower chest is almost totally untouched. There are a couple ways to do this: either arch your back and lean your forehead forward, or just hold onto the handles with both hands. Don't forget the huge impact of keeping your back straight - which is key to performing any pushup.

Flyes - this one's a little more difficult than pushups, but not by much. That's because when you're doing a fly you have to balance yourself on one arm, while using the other as a prop to balance yourself on your other arm. It's a lot harder than pushups, so start out doing just normal pushups until you can handle one arm after another. Once you can handle one arm after another, then change to doing a normal fly. These exercises are probably the most effective if done with light weights and high reps.

Side bends - these are compound exercises that hit the entire body. On the floor in front of a chair or on a cot, bend over and touch your toes. When doing side bends, make sure your back stays straight, don't arch it and keep your butt close to the ground. These are some of the best workouts for your entire body, so do them regularly.

Hanging leg raises - these involve hanging from a chin-up bar and raising your legs up in the air. You've probably seen this technique being demonstrated on infomercials. For this exercise, you need a spotter. They're great for building endurance. Be careful and don't hang too low - you'll be hurting your legs before you ever reach the top.

Ollie - this is one of my favorites, hands down. If you haven't tried ollie pushups yet, you're missing out. There are many variations of the Ollie, but basically, it involves stepping into a wall with one foot and your other foot. Try doing ollies off a low box or even a shelf (if you're super skinny).

These are just a few of the many pushup exercises you can do. I recommend finding a routine that works best for you and doing them on a regular basis. I highly recommend checking out the site mentioned below to learn more about pushups. It's chock full of excellent info on the subject.