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Water and Sunlight Helps to Clear Acne

Using the proper amount of water and the correct type of cleansing products can play a major role in how clear your skin will be when combating acne. The combination of water and sunlight is a very common remedy that many have found to be extremely helpful. Not only does water and sunlight help to clear acne, but it also helps to keep the pores healthy. There are a few ways to make this work for you.

First and foremost, make sure to drink plenty of water. Experts all agree that the body needs at least eight glasses of water per day. If your skin gets dehydrated, it will be much harder to combat acne. It also makes sense that drinking lots of water will keep your skin healthy. Drink six to eight glasses of water and use an iced beverage to help keep your water levels up as well. You'll find that drinking water and using the sun to help clear acne go hand in hand.

Applying sunblock or some sort of protection to your skin before getting out into the sun is important too. Acne can be aggravated by overexposure to the sun. If your acne has been zapped dry, you may find that reapplying the sunblock once you're in the car isn't enough to solve your problem. Try to apply the sunblock in layers so that you can build up a little bit of protection. Then after you've parked safely in the shade, reapply the sunscreen and enjoy your new tan.

Using a moisturizer to help heal and prevent further breakouts is a smart idea. Most experts will recommend a cleanser with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to help control the acne bacteria and keep it from growing further. By keeping the skin hydrated, it will be easier for it to heal and prevent future breakouts.

Some people even use tomato pulp or tomato paste to exfoliate and cleanse their skin. To do this effectively, you should rub the paste on your face or somewhere around the affected area. You can also create a paste with honey, lemon juice, cinnamon powder, or baking soda and apply it to your face. Moisturizing regularly helps keep your skin hydrated and looking fresh.

Avoid wearing tight clothing that can press into your acne. Keep your pants loose and try to wear more comfortable clothes that will allow your body to breathe. Water is your best friend when you want to keep your skin looking young and clean. Not only will it keep your skin hydrated but will also reduce the risk of bacterial infections, which could worsen your acne. You should also keep an eye on your diet to see if it is contributing to the acne breakout. Many dietitians suggest that dietitians recommend reducing sugar and processed foods from the diet.

When you drink too much water, your skin produces more oil to compensate for the extra water. Try to use light water with a hint of lemon or mint flavor. In addition to drinking plenty of water, make sure that you get plenty of daily exercises. Physical activity helps keep your body and skin in good condition. If you are already taking oral antibiotics or have acne scars, the regular use of a good skin moisturizer will help reduce the appearance of acne scars.

Using a good acne treatment product is your best weapon against acne. But, remember that just because an item has an attractive label or seems to be working well doesn't mean that it is effective. Check the ingredients before you buy any acne skincare products. In addition to keeping your face and body healthy, eating a balanced diet, getting plenty of rest and exercising regularly will help you keep acne at bay.