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How Quickly Could A Virus Strangers Transmit Flu?

How quickly could COVID-19 vaccines stop the new pandemic? Well, I don't know about you, but I do not want to wait for this disease to kill 10 million people in the United States of America or the World Health Organization. I know some scientists feel that it is too early to use the vaccine and that perhaps we should wait until another catastrophic disease occurs before using the CO VID virus as the prevention method. It is my contention that if these scientists do their job on a global scale, they will indeed find out how quickly this disease can be stopped in the future.

This is because once this strain of flu becomes established, it could continue to spread rapidly throughout our society until we find a way to contain it. We already have problems with most seasonal flu viruses; and although each strain is less severe than the last, it would be difficult to stop all of them from occurring. You see, the disease spreads by contact and that means that those who come into contact with someone who has had a previous case could easily become infected. If this pandemic becomes more established, it would be nearly impossible to stop it with any method other than being able to screen everyone for the disease.

How quickly could we screen everyone with the new CO VID technology? I believe that within a decade we will have the information necessary to screen everyone who leaves the country or travels abroad. Why do I think that? Well, consider if you will the recent reports of nurses in Texas nursing homes contracting the new strain of swine flu. These nurses, it is reported, did not receive any sort of flu vaccination that they would have received if they had received the CO VID swine flu strain. How quickly could we screen everyone coming into the country or those traveling abroad if we cannot prevent the spread of this deadly virus?

How quickly could we develop a vaccine that can protect us from this swine flu? Well, I believe we may already have the technology! Is it too much to ask that we create a vaccine that is 100% effective against all strains of this killer flu? I would submit to you that it is not.

How quickly could we make treatment for this virus that can cure all strains of this swine flu? Well, I'd say within the year. There are currently trials going on in the United States to test the effectiveness of a combination of drugs that may one day provide an answer as to how to cure this deadly virus once and for all. These trials may prove to be the key to stopping this pandemic before it gains a foothold in the United States and begins to attack healthy citizens just like the swine flu has.

How quickly could we test these vaccines before they are made available for use? Well, scientists are still looking for the perfect swine flu vaccines but they have been testing these combinations of antiviral drugs in rabbits and other experimental animals for some time. And, they have discovered some promising results. This combination has been shown to reduce the amount of virus in those animals that receive it.

Scientists believe that the combination of drugs that they have found is going to be the final solution to this swine flu problem. But, it will likely take at least three years to get these vaccines to full production and to ensure that we have a ready supply of antiviral drugs when we need them. Some viruses seem to have a hard time replicating, which is why these viruses seem to be so hard to stop. Once they have spread in a community or city, it seems as if they have a mind of their own and continue to reproduce and multiply rapidly.

What is even worse is that these drugs will probably not protect us from other diseases that we may catch from other individuals who also are infected with the virus. These new drugs will only deal with the type of virus that is causing the current epidemic but won't provide any protection against catching other viruses once the epidemic has hit its full bloom. So, the question remains - how quickly could we have a cure for this epidemic? Some people say that we should take our own advice and wait for the scientists to solve the problem. But, if that is not something that we want to do then what are we waiting for?