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Hydro Massage Therapy

 So you've heard about hydrotherapy and are interested in trying it at home? A hydrotherapy session is a great way to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body. You'll be surprised at how much energy you will have, and how quickly you will feel rejuvenated and renewed! It's also wonderful for the skin. There are a number of therapeutic benefits to taking a hydrotherapy session.

A dry hydrotherapy session usually consists of a warm/hot compress applied to the area of your choice. Often a hot stone or other volcanic material is used. This type of treatment is quite popular and is a common part of many of the more popular forms of hydrotherapy available. A dry hydrotherapy session can be quite soothing - especially for sore muscles.

Another popular form of hydrotherapy is to have a warm water massage. Warm water massages provide the maximum benefits of a hydrotherapy session, as the warm water penetrates deep into the muscle and tissues. Warm water hydrosupplementation has been shown to reduce soreness and pain within hours of treatment. While warm water hydrosupplementation can be expensive, it is extremely effective.

The last and most invigorating effect of hydro massages is the deep compression of the muscles. As the water and heat enter and evaporate from the muscles, the air is forced out of the tissue, increasing circulation. The more blood flow that is experienced, the better circulation of the lymph system and the removal of waste products and toxins from the cells. More oxygen and nutrients will also be carried throughout the body, speeding up metabolism and boosting endurance.

Many people think that having a regular hydro massage at a spa or in a hot tub will unclog pores and eliminate blackheads. It does this but in a very shallow fashion. In a normal therapeutic massage, pressure is applied to the problem areas for a prolonged period of time. With hydro massages, more superficial damage is repaired over the course of several sessions.

While hydrotherapy can relax the individual, it is also used to increase overall body health. The increased blood pressure will cause you to sweat more, which will increase your metabolism. As a result, you will feel more energized during your workout. Increased metabolic rate combined with increased blood pressure will create an ideal environment for enhanced fitness. That means not only more energy to exercise but also a leaner, healthier body.

There are a number of different massage techniques used in hydrotherapy, including manual therapy, power strokes, air jets, vibratory jets, and ultrasonic jets. Each increases circulation relieves tension, reduces swelling, and improves tone. Combined, these therapies improve muscle tone, reduce pain, promote better breathing, increase the speed and strength of blood flow, improve lymphatic circulation and encourage the elimination of toxins from the body. There are several different types of jets used in hydrotherapy. Manual jets are used on specific problem areas, such as knots and tension areas on the neck, shoulders, back, hips, or feet. This is most commonly used for the treatment of conditions that do not respond well to manual therapy alone.

Air jets (or lymphatic jets) are used to stimulate the circulatory system. They are especially effective against colds, flu, congestion, and swollen glands. Vibratory jets are used frequently in spas all over the world to relieve pain and stimulate the lymph system. Ultrasonic massages are another common feature of many spas. They use sound waves to penetrate deep into the muscles to loosen them up, stretch them out and increase blood flow.

People who have a history of back pain or arthritis may benefit from hydro-massage therapy. It helps to ease aches and pains, and it encourages increased blood circulation, which reduces the occurrence of further pain and discomfort. Regular therapy can help to decrease pain and the associated stress that often accompanies it.

Stress levels can also be reduced during a therapy session. Spas often offer classes to teach clients how to relax their mind and body during the therapy. The increased focus and relaxation can reduce feelings of anxiety and tension. Many people find that hydro massage helps to relieve their minds of stress-related fatigue after they leave the spa. They find that their daily lives are less stressful and their mental outlook is much more positive.

While some people may not feel comfortable having a therapist massage their body, there are many positive benefits to be derived from a regular appointment at a local hydrotherapy clinic. Many hydro spas offer special classes for those who have chronic pain or other medical conditions that may benefit from this type of therapy. In addition, many people who are active in their sport, professional athletes, in particular, find that hydro massages relieve tension and increase their range of motion and agility. Whether you just need an occasional massage to relax or you require therapeutic treatment due to physical or medical conditions, you can benefit from hydrotherapy at a local spa or a gym.